Hi, I’m Colin. I’m the author of a couple of best-selling books. I have been an entrepreneur since 1999, running various tech businesses. I have also been an athlete for around 35 years, competing in cycling, swimming, and triathlon races (including a couple of extreme Ironman events). I still train most days a week in the gym and enjoy cold-water swimming throughout the winter.

Having suffered with depression and PTSD for most of my life, I spent a lot of time working on myself, knowing that there must be more to life than suffering and struggling. I have completely transformed my life and moved from being a survivor to someone who creates a life I love.

I have created a podcast about love and happiness and also written a best-selling tech thriller novel. Having struggled with relationships throughout my life, I have finally created an amazing relationship with my partner. We created moving to a beautiful 400 year old house in a small, friendly village in the countryside, where we are close to nature.

I personally love being close to nature and around my 3 dogs and wildlife in general, as it helps ground me, and it is a more natural environment for me to thrive in. These are just a few of  my lifechanging creations, and lots more are coming, including an exciting new book.

I am now coaching people to transform their own lives and create a life they love. Guiding them to focus on what specifically they would love to create. Teaching clients to use their intuition for guidance and information from their subconscious.