Colin Durrant

Colin was born and grew up in Rhodesia (Which became Zimbabwe in 1980). He worked for a large computer company in a technical role. However, with the steady decimation of Zimbabwe’s economy and currency, Colin was lucky enough to enter the UK in early 1999.

Colin has a love of sport and started triathlon and cycle racing at the age of 15. He went on to represent Zimbabwe in triathlon at the junior level. He remains a keen athlete to this day, having raced several Ironman over the last few years. He still enjoys cycling, bodybuilding and open water swimming. Colin loves the challenge of swimming in freezing cold water during the winter months.

He always loved reading and writing, but this never blossomed while he was young. He was greatly inspired by Wilbur Smith, read every book he wrote, and even met him in Bristol (UK). Another hint to his love of writing surfaced while at school and training with his cycling buddies. Colin would write humorous accounts about their training sessions, and everyone who read them was thoroughly entertained.

Shortly after arriving in the UK, Colin set up his first computer support company. He has run several of these ever since. Colin has been in the cyber security arena since 1999, which he finds fascinating, leading him to write a book on educating non-technical people on cyber security threats. Since then, he has found the love of writing, and another book on cybersecurity is due to be released very soon.

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