The Dawn Of An Ancient New Society

In 10660BC, there was a great war. Many small villages all sent their men and young boys to fight in this war. It was a sort of mass uprising.

Many of these small tribes where being attacked and plundered by a bigger tribe in the south.

And so the rest of the tribes, who weren’t exactly friendly with each other, decided that enough was enough.

Their chiefs all got together in an unprecedented meeting and decided to work together this one time for the greater good of all.

The tribes by themselves had been easy pickings but with them all fighting together, they were a force to be reckoned with. They fought with arrows and poison darts.

They had long knives and spears. It was a brutal and bloody war and many were killed. However, the tribe that was doing all the plundering and killing where annihilated.

They killed every single one of them. Not even the women or children were spared. They erased the tribe and their history off the face of the earth.

It was important to teach a lesson to all the tribes in the area. There may be big rewards for attacking and plundering others but if you go too far, your blood lines will be completely erased.

It was soon after this event that the tribes formed a council of leaders that would look after the interests of all the tribes. It became clear that by working together they were much stronger.

Not all tribes fitted into this and some wanted to remain independent. But it was clear that together they achieve a lot more than by themselves.

Some tribes even merged together and formed bigger tribes. These were some of the first ancient cities.

They found they could build bigger and better homes and shelters when there were more men available to all help and work together.

People felt safer in these bigger tribes and cities. They thrived more than when they were just a small tribe, trying desperately to find enough food to stay alive.

This new way of being was quite a big turning point in history. Although much of it remains unknown and unproven for it lies beneath the waves after the great floods that raised the sea levels around this time.

The councils governed all the small villages in a wide area. They did what they could to protect them and they start holding events where they could compete against one another.

While this was designed to make things more friendly between them, the events where extremely competitive and tempers flared when their various champions did not win.

This was all the beginning of a new society and a new way of being. It was to shape the future of mankind from this time forward. And to this day, the same principles are still in play.

Unfortunately the system has become very corrupt and self centered but it is all based on this system that was formed many thousands of years ago when a whole lot of small tribes had to work together to ensure their survival.

Unleash Your Inner Light: The Power of Love That Goes Beyond Sex

When we take sex out of the equation, we open ourselves up to a whole new bunch of possibilities when it comes to love. We can unconditionally love another man or woman.

We love because we can. Because it raises our vibration. It puts us instantly in a better state of mind. It empowers us. It rejuvenates us. It unlocks our potential for ourselves and for others.

It enables us to have deeper conversations. To creates a safe space to have these deep conversation. Without expectations or conditions. It enables us to reveal our heart to another.

It enables us to be vulnerable. For when we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable then we will begin to heal.

Others in this safe space can reveal to us what we cannot see. They can join us in our vulnerability. They can read what is going on for us. They can increase our awareness.

When we all sit together in unconditional love, we can embrace our super power which is our heart. We can share our love with one another. We can support each other, unconditionally.

Unconditional love is not a fleeting feeling that you project to others for a second of your day. It is not a passing thought. It is a deeper way of being.

It is something that you put your focus on. It is something that you sit with or focus on while you are out walking in nature.

We can raise each other’s vibration and send each other powerful feelings of love. We can embrace one another’s spiritual self. We can see the vision of one another’s higher self. The genius self.

We can see each other’s purpose. We can beat our angel wings together, rhythmically and powerfully.

We can celebrate each other’s hearts and power.

Sex is so limiting and brief and conditional but love. Love is infinite and powerful beyond measure. Love can be spread throughout the entire universe.

Raise the vibration and mood of unseen beings. Bring joy and happiness to others.

Unconditional means that all we see is the other’s heart. We communicate directly with their heart. We enable it to feel safe and to flourish and expand like a beautiful rose in full bloom.

It’s power takes our breathe away. our heart space expands, our head is thrown back. Our heart is like a powerful sun, beating from within our chest but expanding way beyond our physical body.

It’s light bursts forth. Everything around us, seen and unseen is all lit up with love, joy, happiness and the absolute highest vibration. It’s power incomprehensible.

And yet, it is within all of us. We all have this ability. We all have this gift but most live and die without ever knowing what lies within them. Untapped potential. Untouched gifts.

Don’t be one of those. Don’t be tricked by your society to hold back. Everything has the meaning, the meaning you give it. Nothing more.


Freely love one another. Love and celebrate other’s successes. Send love to your enemies. Send love to those who are struggling, emotionally or physically. Send love to those in pain.

Let go. Let go of what is expected of you and be free.

When you are faced with any challenging situation in your life, respond with love first. Never forget that love is your super power. And to raise your vibration stops you being a victim in your life.

You become creative. you find solutions to problems. you have a more fulfilling human experience.

Stop People-Pleasing: How to Stop People From Taking Advantage of You.

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How to help others. To help others you need to help yourself first. When you are strong and resilient and you have walked a path of suffering and come out the other side.

Then you can share your story with others. Help them with their own fights and battles. Teach and guide them how to be.

Give them tools and knowledge so that they may help themselves. But, you cannot actually help anyone. You can only guide them but ultimately, they have to do the work and take the action in order to help themselves.

I can talk to you about the importance of being in nature. To take the time to stop and listen. To get away from all the daily hustle and bustle of your life and be at peace with yourself.

To ground yourself in nature which is where we came from. I can promise you that you will feel better.

But if you never get round to actually doing it. To taking the action and actually doing this exercise, then nothing will change for you.

I can’t drag you into nature and dump you there. Well, I guess I can but it won’t have the same effect.

It comes down to you to take the action.

It comes down to you to prioritise self-care. To love yourself. To understand that loving yourself and looking after yourself in the first instance, allows you to be stronger and a rock for others.

It allows you to lead others. To be a better parent if you are one. When you can be at peace with yourself and your own thoughts then you can develop more self-awareness.

Self-awareness of how you are reacting to life around you. How much are you complaining. Remember that complaining about things that happen to you in your life will result in more of that being created.

Because that is the message that you are giving your subconscious. I want more of this, which is why I am focused on it all the time. I am always talking about it to myself and to my friends.

So the universe will give you more of whatever you are complaining about. This is why they say, be careful what you wish for. Because deep down, we know that we have the ability to create whatever we want to in our life.

When we can let go of the how and the resistance to actually having what we would love. And when it comes from a pure place and not from a place where we are trying to satisfy a dysfunctional belief system.

Then we can truly create what we wish for. When we put our focus into what we would love, rather than what we don’t love. Then, again, we can get more of what we love.

It is the self-awareness of our thoughts and more importantly, what action are we taking or not taking in order to go after what we would love to have in our life.

When we take the action to look after ourselves first, to love ourself. Then we are in a better place to help ourselves and others.

A lot of people want to help others, but this often comes from a place of distracting themselves from looking at their own life. They’re always looking at others but not themselves.

They’re always busy running around doing things for others and never putting themselves first. These people often end up getting taking advantage of.

And then they retaliate by never helping anyone else again. They become bitter and resentful.

But if they loved themselves and put themselves first then they would have the strength and resolve to recognise when they are not actually helping others and simply being taken advantage of.

Never feed the monster.

If you are trying to help someone but they refuse to take the action to help themselves but they constantly lean on you for support, then you are enabling their inner monster to thrive.

They are not changing and evolving. You are actually making things worse.

You cannot manifest anything without action.

So help those that wish to actually be helped but remember to help yourself first. If you’re looking for help and you’re ready to evolve, then get in touch with me.

I’ve been on the journey and I am ready to lead others out the other side to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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How to deal with conflict

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There was once a time when men were angry and frustrated with the way the world was being run by certain species of powerful extraterrestrials.

They were slaves and they were worked hard. They were beaten and starved. The women and children were punished and suffered as well.

The men were forced to build many temples and other places of worship to the extraterrestrials. The days were long and hard. There was no joy or love in the world.

With all this suffering, something had to change. There needed to be an uprising but the men didn’t know how they would rise up and fight against such a powerful enemy.

One night, an angel appeared to the men. She told them that their power and strength lay in their hearts and their love. When they embraced this power, they would raise their frequency.

And the extraterrestrials would not be able to survive in a high frequency or vibrational environment. They caused suffering because they thrived when there was low vibration everywhere.

When all the people where angry, tired and frustrated and unhappy. They would be in a low frequency. They would not have the resolve to stand up and fight against them.

This was the way that these specific extraterrestrials controlled their slaves. The men listened to the angel but it was very hard for them to imagine loving such a horrible, nasty bunch of ETs.

How were they supposed to love their oppressors. How could they love those that harmed their women and children.

It was very challenging but the men understood that this was the only way for them to win this battle. And so, they began to smile amongst each other.

They began to tell jokes and laugh. The ETs where furious. They lashed out with great brutality.

But the men knew they would have to sacrifice a few of their own for the bigger picture of their freedom. And so they continued to laugh and joke around.

The more they were beaten, the more they laughed. And then, they began to love their oppressors.

It was an odd feeling and very hard to do but they knew deep down that this was the only way forward. And so, they sent love to the ETs.

They sent them unconditional love. There were no conditions and no demands and no expectations. Just love for the sake of love. This raised their frequency automatically.

The ETs fought furiously but they just weakened when they were sent love. There celestial bodies could not cope with a high frequency of love.

And so, in their weakened state, they began to flee. They crawled into their spaceships and flew away. Leaving the earth to the humans.

And so the humans understood that despite all their bravery, muscles, fitness and strength. Their true power lay in their ability to use their heart and send their enemies love.

This would weaken them. It would weaken their resolve and their strength. They would run away in shame and hide away. This power is available to all humans today.

You can always tap into this power when you are in conflict with another human or otherwise. Send your enemies love and you will prevail.

The fight will ebb away as if it never even started. This is your greatest strength. Yes, it is difficult to comprehend and it sounds impossible.

But embrace your power and you will see it work.

No One is Coming To Save You.

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There is a fantasy of living a magical life when you are a child. A happy ever after, like all the fairy tales. And yet, as you grow up.

You keep wondering when this magical happy ever after is going to materialise. You eventually realise that the world is not going to give you a magical life on a plate.

But you have to go out and get it. You have to seek you magical life. Take risks and hope they pay off. Find the women or man of your dreams and sail off into the sunset.

But after sunset comes darkness. And if you’re lucky then you’ll see another sunrise.

Some pray to never see another sunrise because of their suffering and lack of understanding of how the world is.

You see, we are sold a lie as children. We are told everything is fair and fun and joyful. We are sold fairy tales which show adversity followed by blissful happiness.

Many of us keep chasing this while trying to work out and understand this world that we have been born into. We imagine this happiness and joyfulness is automatic.

As a child we are generally in a natural state of high frequency. We are full of love for everything around us. We are curious and playful.

But then, slowly but surely as we get a little older, reality kicks in. Traumatic experiences to a young, innocent child change us.

We start to realise that the world is not this blissfully happy place we imagined. Our parents lash out at us due to their own suffering and struggles.

They begin to teach us about all the things that we can’t do. They teach us about fear. We learn at school about our friends different experiences.

Our friends parents getting a divorce and going their separate ways. How confusing and upsetting it is for a friend.

Most of all, as a child you have to deal with these unknown people called teachers. If we are lucky, we get a great teacher. They enthral us with all their knowledge.

All these things that we can learn. All these things that we can make. Excitedly playing with other children during break time. But as we get older, we get different teachers.

And we find teachers that are not as nice. They have suffered traumatic experiences and they are tired and impatient and angry with the world. They take out their anger on you.

They ignore you and shout at you. They tell you that you are useless and incapable. In past times, they used to beat you.

You start to realise that this world is not everything it was sold to you as when you were a young child. Suddenly you have to deal with people and all their problems.

There is not fairytale and happy ending. No sailing off into the sunset. You realise that you have been born into a world full of traumatised people. All who see the world a different way.

All who had had different experiences. Some amazing but some bad. You start to understand that you need a safe place as a child.

This may be at home or if you get beaten and abused at home, then school may be your safe place. If you have good friends and nice teachers. But this may not be the case.

And so as a child, you have no safe place. You don’t feel safe, ever. You realise the world is happening to you and you become a victim of life.

You’re taught that Jesus is coming to save you one day. And so you wait patiently. Suffering in the meantime but knowing that one day everything will change and be amazing again.

But that day never comes. Jesus does not come and save you as was promised. The day that everything changes and gets better seems far distant in the future.

It is like the fairytale where the man is trying to get to the castle. He walks and walks but never gets any closer. This is a metaphor for your whole life.

Trying hard and struggling but never getting anywhere. If you’re lucky, you will have some amazing people around you who will guide you and educate you about the real world and how to thrive in it.

Otherwise, you’re on your own and struggling to work it out. A rollercoaster of fun, joy, trauma, fear and excitement. One day, if you’re really lucky.

You’ll meet a wise man. And they will tell you how it is. They will explain that no one is coming to save you. That you’re on your own. It’s all down to you.

You are the creator of your own life. Not all these people around you, who have been projecting their own life experiences onto you be they good or bad.

The wise man will explain to you that your life plays out according to your choices you make every day. He will remind you to remember when you used to dream of a magical life as a child.

That this is still possible. But you have to go after it. It is not going to be given to you by some magical prince or princess. You are responsible for your own life.

And you have the power to make it great or to be a victim and suffer through every day. You can be grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life.

Or you can focus on what you don’t have. You can be jealous of others who have a big house and fancy car but not know their true circumstances.

You can wish for a high paying job but not understand how miserable and stressed out you would be. The wise man explains that you are the architect of your entire life experience.

You also choose on how to react when anything happens to you. You can find a positive spin or become a victim once more.

You can choose to waste your time on earth with distractions and escapisms. Running away from life experiences. Living in fear of repeating a miserable childhood.

Or you can realise that the power and choice lies within you. Every day is a new day full of new choices, optimism and hope.

Regardless of your circumstances, you have a heart and you can go after what you would love. You can choose to love everything around you as you did as a young child.

You can choose to be in this high frequency. It’s all down to you in this moment right now as to what you would love to choose for yourself and what you would love to create in your life.

Chasing Fulfillment

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We are all in constant pursuit of something in our lives. Be that money, happiness, fitness or pleasure. The problem comes with this pursuit becomes unhealthy for us.

We put pressure on ourselves to get whatever it is we desperately seek. This causes stress which has a physical detrimental effect to our body and mind.

Most of the time, this persistent pursuit is trying to satisfy a belief system of ours. And so we are not chasing something we love. We are not following our heart.

We are coming from a low frequency and chasing something we think will put us in a high frequency. We think we are chasing something we love but it is not.

We need to dig deep down and ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. Why are we chasing this thing. What is the payoff. What do we get when we get an abundance of it.

Are we setting ourselves up for failure. Are we deliberately chasing something that we know isn’t possible so that we can prove to ourselves that we are not good enough or not capable.

Our ego is very clever and often tricks us into thinking that we are following our heart. We are doing something we love doing.

Chasing something we would love to do but deep down we know there is no golden goose at the end. It could simply be distraction. A clever way of wasting time or indeed escapism.

Are we chasing something that allows us to be distracted from facing the real world. Facing what is right in front of us. Facing our responsibilities.

When we give ourselves the time and space, ideally in the peace and quiet of nature. Then we can ask questions of our intuition. What are we doing. Why are we doing it.

What is the payoff. What am I NOT doing. What does my heart really want me to do instead of this current pursuit. What am I running away from.

When we take the time to ask all these important questions, then we will uncover what is really going on in our life.

We can then make adjustments and put our focus on something that will give us a deep sense of fulfilment. It is fulfilment that we should be chasing in our life.

For that comes from a pure place. Not from a place of trying to satisfy our self-limiting belief systems. We must always go directly for we want.

For example, don’t limit yourself by your lack of money. There is always a solution that doesn’t require lots of money. Chasing after money will take you away from going after what you love directly.

It will take you down a different rabbit hole. You will lose sight of your original goal because you will be focused on trying to make money instead.

Then you will have lots of money and you will start to spend it on shiny stuff. You will forget the real reason you wanted all this money.

Keep your focus and end result of doing what will fulfil you. When you do this thing that fulfils you, you will know. You will get that deep knowing.

There will be no conditions to what you do because you just love doing it. If you want help with this then let me know and I can guide you in the right direction.

Climbing The Mountain

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You are in a constant battle between low vibrational and high vibrational energy. In low vibration, you are a victim. Life is happening to you. You are not in control.

In high vibrational / frequency of energy, you are a creator. You are in control and you are creating what you love in your life. You are taking responsibility for your actions and your thoughts and feelings.

You have the awareness to realise that you are having constant thoughts that are trying to sabotage you. But with this awareness, you are able to side step them.

Thank them and send them on their way. Floating down an imaginary river. This high vibrational energy serves your higher self.

You recognise drama and distraction and you chose not to engage. Be grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life.

No matter how small and insignificant you think they are. Remember, that there is always someone worse off than you in this world.

No matter what your circumstances are right now, you have the power to create your own life. Take responsibility for your own life and do not blame others for what you are creating for yourself.

There was once a wise man who lived on top of a mountain. He felt it was his duty to guard the mountain but he also wanted to live way above humanity and all the drama they create in their lives.

All their problems and the hustle and bustle and stress. Up on the mountain, his mind was clear. The air was fresh. He could sit all day and marvel at the beauty of nature.

The mountains and lakes below him. The eagles flying to-and-fro. Hunting and feeding their young.

One day, two young men, Robert and Angus decided to go and see the wise man at the top of the mountain. They had both been struggling in life and wanted some wisdom to help them.

They climbed up the steep mountain path, carrying gifts of food and drink for the wise man.

But when they eventually reached him, they complained how hard the climb was and how heavy their bag was. They would not notice the view because they were too busy focused on their hardship.

The wise man made then go back down, with the bag and do the climb again. The two men complained bitterly but understand there was no doubt a lesson in this somewhere.

And so, off they would go. Back down the mountain, with their heavy bag of food and wine. They turned around at the bottom and started the long climb back up again.

Others who had been sent back down in the past would simply go back to the village, complaining bitterly to their friends and neighbours that the wise man rejected them and that he probably wasn’t very wise at all.

But Robert and Angus choose to climb back up and face the wise man once more. They were exhausted as they climbed up the steep mountainside for the second time.

The bags had been digging into their shoulders and it was a relief to put it down. They stretched out and once more complained about how heavy the bag was and how steep the mountain was.

How long it had taken them to climb all the way back up again. The wise man told them once again to go back down and come back up.

Robert and Angus cursed and complained. They yelled at the wise man and asked why he was punishing them so much. But off they went, muttering and complaining.

The wise man smiled, wondering how many times they would have to climb down and up the mountain before they got the lesson.

Robert and Angus started the climb for the third time. Suddenly they realised they were suffering on purpose.

They were deliberately torturing themselves by walking up and down a mountain with a heavy bag.

And when they got all the way to the top, they were so focused on their suffering that they did not see the beauty of the mountain and everything below.

They did not see the eagles or the lakes or the forests that lay below them. They were trapped in being victims. Suffering and complaining.

It was when they realised this that they understood the lesson. They still had to climb the mountain but this time they had purpose.

They wanted to thank the wise man and give him the gifts they had brought him and they wanted to marvel in the beautiful view that awaited them.

They wanted to listen to what else the wise man had to tell them. They wanted to experience being on top of the world and above all the problems and drama of mankind.

Most of all, they realised that they were in control of their actions and their thoughts and feelings.

Their whole perspective changed when they changed the way they thought and felt. They stepped out of being a victim and stepped into being a creator.

Their whole lives changed simply because they had changed their perspective.


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There was once a time when all mankind was determined to survive despite the harsh weather. The constant barrage of storms, hot and cold temperatures and ferocious winds.

Volcanos erupting all over the world and tsunamis. But despite this harsh weather, it was also normal. They did not get frustrated with the weather as we do now.

They just dealt with it. It was just the world they lived in. In today’s world, anything less than perfect is a problem. We constantly want perfect weather and complain when it is not.

When we are more resilient to changes around us, then we are more creative. When we complain less about what is going on around us.

We have the time and energy to create what we do want. We can even create good weather. The weather is a reflection of the turmoil on earth.

If there are wars and battles. If there is a lot of anger and hate and low vibrational energy then the earth’s weather reflects this.

This is because everything is connected in the world. The entire ecosystem is effected by energy. The more we fight and complain.

The more we live in a state of hatefulness, anger and frustration. The more of this will reflect in the world we live in. We create it all.

If we are in a low vibrational mood and we have to drive somewhere. We are probably going to have a horrible drive. Other drivers will cut us up, pull out in front of us and so on.

The reality is that this is all a lesson to be more aware of what we are creating for ourselves. Someone drives really slowly in front of you. You get frustrated and angry.

They are deliberating trying to ruin your day. But they are not. They are teaching you that you need to slow down in your life. You are rushing around too much.

You are not living, just rushing from one thing to the next. Not fully experiencing and appreciating what you are doing in your life.

You are not present. For it is when you are in presence that you have a full life experience. You can taste every little thing you eat.

You can see the beauty everywhere you look. You can feel the presence of nature. You can watch a little bird, flying around, looking for food. Chasing their mate through the bushes.

Singing loudly. You notice the beauty of trees and leaves and bushes. The beauty of a gushing stream, endlessly flowing.

Most of all, when you are present, others notice that you are there, noticing them, listening to them.

You have a deeper and more fulfilling conversation with whomever you meet. Because you are fully present and authentic. Not distracted by other thoughts flying around your head.

When we are present, we experience life in a different way. We feel loved in a different way. We can feel it expanding our heart.

We are ruled by what is in front of us rather than by our thoughts and feelings rushing around in our head. We are not a victim.

We are not frustrated or angry about something that in reality does not affect us. Something happening on the other side of the world that we cannot change.

We are focused on what is right in front of us. We are focused on raising our vibration and frequency to the highest we can imagine. We are calm and peaceful and loving.

It is in this state that we can be the best version of ourselves and fully experience life as it is meant to be. Real and authentic.

Thnuk’s Wisdom

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The war is going our way but we continue to need your support and high vibration and frequency of love being sent into the universe.

This is instrumental to our success in this war. I am Thanuk and what you would call the colonel in charge of this war. We are fighting to save earth but we still need your continued help.

It is the awareness of dark thoughts and feelings that our enemies use to attack you and us. It is these moments of anger and frustration which is their strongest power.

If you give into these false thoughts and feelings then your vibration and frequency lowers and they gain strength and power. They start to edge forward.

The more people that live their lives complaining and being ruled by dark thoughts. The more people that live in this low vibrational way of being.

The harder it is for us to fight for you. This struggle for power call comes down to frequencies. We are the higher and they are the lower.

We need you to be aware of what is going on in your own head. What state are in you in right now. Are you being a victim and being negative. Or are you hopeful and joyful and happy.

Excited about finding solutions to any problems thrown your way in life. Do not complain and do not be a victim. Always seek the lesson in any seemingly bad situation.

Create a win win solution for everyone. It is in this vibration that everything  functions much better for everyone.

When mankind is seeking solutions for problems rather than feeling powerless and feeling sorry for themselves. We are all connected so how you feel affects everyone else around you.

When you walk into a room with high vibrational energy, everyone is instantly uplifted. They feel better and happier.

By doing this simple task for us, you greatly serve your whole species. The more beings that are operating at a high frequency, the stronger we become.

We can fight for you and for your earth. Remember, when something happens that annoys you, you have a choice. You can let it wash over you and float away into the darkness.

Or you can let it consume you and change your course of action. It can lead you down the path of being a victim and complaining bitterly.

You then collude with others and they join in complaining with you. Then you start complaining about more things going wrong in your life.

Your vibration of all of you lowers. You all feel bad and sorry for yourselves. You feel the world is against you. You feel powerless. You feel sad and unhappy.

And all because you gave power to a single negative thought that you could have let go of. See the power in letting go of complaining and negativity.

Don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole for no good will come from it. Seek love in every situation. Send love to those they have harmed you or annoyed you.

This is your secret weapon to resolving conflict. Try it and you will see. Remember the one thing I always tell you. Your focus creates your reality.

The more you complain about something, the more things you will get to complain about.

It is because you are focused on complaining and so your subconscious believes that this is what you want. And so, it creates more of it for you.

Choose instead to focus on what you do want in your life. Focus on what you would love in your life. And you will get more of that instead.


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The problem is, that by many years of comfort and warmth, the human becomes lazy. Too lazy to work, too lazy to look after themselves and their health.

Too lazy to want to be the best version of themselves. Too lazy to want the best for others. To help and serve their community.

Laziness is a disease that destroys its human. It stops you living. It stops you wanting your best life. It makes you settle for mediocrity.

It robs you of an exciting future. It makes you think that everything is ok when it is not. It robs you of adventure and exploration of the unknown.

Both in the world you live in and your mind. To robs you of wondering what is possible in this world.

What is the most mind blowing experience that you can have during your whole life. It plonks you down on the sofa.

It distracts your mind with rubbish on TV. To entertain and dumb you down. To rob you of energy and life.

To make you believe that everything is great when in reality, you are barely existing. You can’t be bothered to exercise. To eat healthy and feel better.

Instead you eat bad food and drink too much alcohol. You may take drugs to make yourself feel better but all of this just makes you feel worse.

You wake up with a headache and you can’t be bothered to do anything so you lose another day of your life.

TV adverts brain wash you into believing you need to buy things that you do not. They treat you like you are stupid and they work.

You buy rubbish that keeps you poor. Rather than spending time reconnecting to yourself in nature.

Spending time to be kind to others. Being bothered to want to have a better life. To find and live out a life that embodies your highest potential.

A life where you live your best self. You spend your time improving your awareness, gratitude and love.

Being aware of when you are being a victim in your life and instead find creative solutions. Solutions where everyone wins.

Imagine living in a world where you embrace your superpower of love. You learn its power and how to use it. You see the difference that it makes in your life.

You teach others. You seek fulfilment and not immense wealth by any means necessary. You seek for you and your family to have a great human experience.

Not one where you are always stressed and shouting at each other. Not one where you are tolerating rather than thriving. You seek to live in your truth.

To step out your comfort zone constantly. To experience new things that help you grow as a person. To calm and tame the demons in your head.

To face adversity head on and come out the other side, stronger and more resilient than before. More loving and empathetic.

More understanding. Less resistant to change and less fearful of the unknown.