Chasing Fulfillment

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We are all in constant pursuit of something in our lives. Be that money, happiness, fitness or pleasure. The problem comes with this pursuit becomes unhealthy for us.

We put pressure on ourselves to get whatever it is we desperately seek. This causes stress which has a physical detrimental effect to our body and mind.

Most of the time, this persistent pursuit is trying to satisfy a belief system of ours. And so we are not chasing something we love. We are not following our heart.

We are coming from a low frequency and chasing something we think will put us in a high frequency. We think we are chasing something we love but it is not.

We need to dig deep down and ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. Why are we chasing this thing. What is the payoff. What do we get when we get an abundance of it.

Are we setting ourselves up for failure. Are we deliberately chasing something that we know isn’t possible so that we can prove to ourselves that we are not good enough or not capable.

Our ego is very clever and often tricks us into thinking that we are following our heart. We are doing something we love doing.

Chasing something we would love to do but deep down we know there is no golden goose at the end. It could simply be distraction. A clever way of wasting time or indeed escapism.

Are we chasing something that allows us to be distracted from facing the real world. Facing what is right in front of us. Facing our responsibilities.

When we give ourselves the time and space, ideally in the peace and quiet of nature. Then we can ask questions of our intuition. What are we doing. Why are we doing it.

What is the payoff. What am I NOT doing. What does my heart really want me to do instead of this current pursuit. What am I running away from.

When we take the time to ask all these important questions, then we will uncover what is really going on in our life.

We can then make adjustments and put our focus on something that will give us a deep sense of fulfilment. It is fulfilment that we should be chasing in our life.

For that comes from a pure place. Not from a place of trying to satisfy our self-limiting belief systems. We must always go directly for we want.

For example, don’t limit yourself by your lack of money. There is always a solution that doesn’t require lots of money. Chasing after money will take you away from going after what you love directly.

It will take you down a different rabbit hole. You will lose sight of your original goal because you will be focused on trying to make money instead.

Then you will have lots of money and you will start to spend it on shiny stuff. You will forget the real reason you wanted all this money.

Keep your focus and end result of doing what will fulfil you. When you do this thing that fulfils you, you will know. You will get that deep knowing.

There will be no conditions to what you do because you just love doing it. If you want help with this then let me know and I can guide you in the right direction.

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