A message from God. My people, my beings, my everything. I put you on this earth to experience life.
It was my gift to you. I gave you consciousness to be able to choose the life you would love to have. To choose to be good or bad.
To be able to distinguish the difference between being good and the consequences and being evil and those consequences. I gave you choice everyday as to how you want to be and how you want to feel.
Will you be happy today or will you be sad and depressed about this gift of life that I gave you. Will you embrace your gift of human experience and do the most you can with it.
Will you flourish and love unconditionally. Or will you conquer your fellow man, take what is his for yourself. Take his family, take his life to make yourself stronger and more abundant.
Will you serve your fellow mankind or will you take from him. Will you serve your species and make all mankind stronger and more resilient or will you just follow the herd which is your prerogative.
Every day, you can be whatever it is you wish to be. Strong and determined or weak and cowardly. Awake and aware or distracted and insular.
I gave you a whole world to play in. will you explore this beautiful world I gave you or will you destroy it and plunder its resources without a care for tomorrow.
Will you appreciate the beauty in the world or will you only see darkness and pain. Will you enjoy pain and suffering or will you raise your vibration and be unaccepting of anything mediocre.
Will you push yourself mentally and physically every day to be better and stronger and to learn more about what is seen and what is unseen in this world you have been given.
Will you expand your consciousness or be happy and content living in a small perception of what I have created for you. Will you explore everything I have gifted you.
Live every day as the gift it is or waste it in manmade distractions. Will you read and learn from the great minds of your species. Will you write and share your own wisdom with the world.
Will you look after the weak or slaughter them with disdain. Will you rule and lead or simply follow and obey. Will you explore your mind and explore what is possible, explore the unknown.
Will you scare yourself or will you hide. Will you defy death or embrace it. Will you seek to find the genius gift I bestowed upon you and use it in the world.
Or will you waste it and let it wither and die. Will you live with passion and zest for the life gifted to you or will you waste it, sit alone and sad at your inability to rise up and stand firm in the face of your own self-limiting thoughts and feelings.
Will you care for your woman and your children or will you simply use them as an outlet for your shadow monster to do with as he pleases.
Women, will you look after your man and your children and make your man the best he can be or will you crumble at his feet and let his shadow spread its chaos.
Everything you have is your choice. It is your creation. Love what you have created. If you don’t love what you have created, then choose differently.
Beware of those thoughts and feelings for they are self-fulfilling prophecies. They are whatever you want them to be. You create them and then you create your life from there. It’s all you.
Do not blame me for the way your life is. Do not blame me for your hardships. Do not wait for me to save you. I’m not coming. I am simply observing.
I need only provide two gifts to you. One is life and the other is a genius. The rest is up to you and you alone.
Choose wisely what to think about, what to focus on, what to take action on. For this all results in what plays out for you. Be careful who you trust but trust you must.
Love everyone. Move on from disaster quickly. Be responsible. Do not dwell on what has been and which cannot be undone. Do not waste a moment for once it has gone, it is lost forever.
Love is your superpower. Learn to understand it and use it.
Do not be corrupted by sex and desire. It is but a fleeting moment in a life full of hope and promise. Life is yours to take.
You are good enough as you are, right now in this moment

The Elders

When these two vital things are lost then humanity makes the same mistakes again and again. And for this reason, humanity does not evolve or progress for they are so full of fake knowledge that they cannot see the truth.

They fully believe their perception of the world and believe it is the only one that exists and that it must be true and the way to be. The elders on the other hand have seen it all.

They have seen that your perception is only one view but in this world, there are millions of perceptions of how different humans experience life.

They all see life for what it is from their own perception. They do not consider others. They have no empathy or understanding for others way of being and so their wisdom and knowledge is greatly reduced.

Their experience is very limited. In this way, when they become old, they are not wise and experienced for they did not live a full life.

They were not open to new ways of being. They were not open to understanding and seeing others and their ways of being. They only saw themselves.

For us to become great and wise elders, we need to experience as much as possible and share our knowledge with the world. While it may be ignored by most, it will help a few and that in itself will serve humanity for the good.


I have a gift for you. A few years ago I did a course that completely changed my life. I realised that I was responsible for my life and that I could create a life I loved rather than living as a victim which I had done for over 40 years.

The course is free but it take commitment, willingness to be open to change and explore a new way of being. You can read more about it and sign up here.

Full disclosure, this is my affiliate link where i get a few pennies if you buy a paid course after the free one.


Opening Your Heart

In the essence of what we find beautiful is in effect designed to distract. The beauty of a person distracts us from seeing their true self.

We assume that their beautiful exterior automatically means that their interior is just as beautiful. While this may be the case in some instances, it is not a rule.

There are many people in this world who do not appear beautiful on the outside but on the inside they are a king or queen. We judge others quickly by their looks and beauty and do not give that person a second glance if they are not attractive to us.

By doing this we miss out on so much beauty and love in the world. The essence of another human being with a beautiful, loving soul can only be seen by those that take the time to look.

Otherwise it is not only missed but also lost. A person could have a divine spirit within them. A magical power. A strength and inner beauty beyond comprehension but we deny ourselves this gift based on our egoic needs and judgement.

The truth is, if we take the time to get to know these people, their inner beauty will outshine any exterior blemishes or blandness. So do not be quick to judge those people so quickly when in truth you are simply denying yourself the opportunity to give and receive unconditional love from another being.

It costs nothing but it serves you greatly to appreciate the love and beauty of every being. For it is with this awareness that we grow and evolve ourselves and we understand that the benefits of receiving love and giving love to many rather than the few is both empowering and life giving.

Be warned, this is not sex, this is simply love. When we take sex off the table we open ourselves up to a whole new world of love for the sake of love.

Unconditional, no expectations, no needs, just appreciating the heart and love of another.

We can get this love from other beings as well. Our pets and even trees. All organisms have an element of love and power that can be shared and received. It empowers those that are open to it. It heals, it gives energy, it gives strength and resilience.

After all, love is our super power and the more we can raise our vibration to receive and give love, the higher self we shall operate from. The closer to our genius we shall be. The better we shall be at whatever it is we choose to do because we are fueled by love.

Learning to open your heart will literally change the way you experience life.

Taking Action

Mastery of ones emotions starts with a clear understanding of your ability to be aware of what is going on in your life.

When you can recognise patterns and take responsibility for the actions you are taking or not taking then you will begin to understand that being emotional about things that you cause is actually pointless.

It is with this understanding and clarity that you will be able to check your emotions before they overwhelm you. This is especially important when your shadow monster tries to take control of you and use emotions to get what it wants.

To get you to take the actions it wants you to take. As we have spoken about before, the shadow monster will end your day and corrupt your life if you follow his path.

With great awareness of when he enters the mind, you will be able to fight him off and make better choices and decisions. When you can stop him in his tracks then there is no take over.

There is no loss of control and no outburst of emotions. This benefits you and those closest to you as well. When you begin to master your emotions and your thoughts and feelings then you can become a more powerful creator of your life.

You can also deal with conflict in a significantly more pragmatic way because your emotions will not get in the way. You will see and understand a situation for what it is rather than making it up to be something that it is not.

Then will help with your decisions and actions. It is important to practice being in the present moment. To being completely open to listening to your intuition.

Your intuition has all the answers but you need to be open to listening to the nudges it sends you and taking action. This will improve your life a 100 fold.

When you take action on your nudges, there are no conditions or expectations. Your only job is to take the action, not to expect something in return.

This is not how the universe works. You may get something back of great value, but that is all part of the process and it is not a given. By taking action on a nudge, puts other elements into play.

These will eventually come back to you. Your action may be simply to kick off a nudge for someone else and enable them to take action.

You’re essentially doing the universe a favour. There are many things that go on in this world that we do not understand and that we do not need to understand.

However, it makes the world a better place for many people when you take the action requested of you. So remember, practice being in silence and presence.

Do not get distracted. Simply sit and listen. Once you have clear instructions then it is down to you to take action. These will always be small actions, they will never be a huge overwhelming task.

That peace and silence is also healing for your body and mind. It does not have to be for long, even just 10 minutes a day will serve you and the universe.

If you need any help, please get in touch with me.


As you sit by the water, can you feel the energy and the power of such a large source of raw nature. Water sits there looking tranquil and peaceful. a few small ripples across the vast expanse. and yet it gives so much life and energy to birds, fish, trees and plants.

It is absolutely life giving. life on earth would not exist without water. It also sits calmly, gentle waves splashing along the shore and yet the power of the weight of the water is immeasurable.

if the water burst its banks or broke through it’s wall holding it in place, it would crush everything in its path for as long as it could keep moving. It would flood roads and fields and houses and farms. It would literally be unstoppable until it naturally ran out of volume.

The question is, do we respect and admire nature with her beauty and power and life giving energy or do we simple take it for granted.

We think that it shall always be here and nothing will change. But the world is changing, constantly evolving right in front of us but we are blind to it. Just complaining about climate change but not seeing what really is going on.

What is really happening because we live in our own little cocoon of life, full of distractions and pleasures. Not noticing a changing world until it is too late and then simply complaining and being a victim.

So, the call is to wake up. Go into nature and simply observe. Marvel and appreciate her beauty. Marvel at her controlled power and life giving energy. For, without her, you will cease to exist in an instant.

It is where we have come from and where we shall return to when nature takes back what is hers.

This moment is all we have

Time does not stand still for anyone. Not for a minute or a day. Whatever happens in your life, whatever your circumstances, times marches on relentlessly.

There are no gimmes or pauses in life. There is just the time you have and what you do with it. The truth is, that all we really have is this moment in this day.

There is no future or past. We cannot live in the future or live in the past for if we do then we lose the moment that we have right now. For our focus is not on the present.

If we allow our shadow monster today then there may not be a tomorrow. And if we dwell on the past and what might have been if we had made a different decision or if someone else had done something different then we are distracted from the present.

You may as well be blind drunk or passed out for you will miss out on another beautiful gift of a day and night. Facing the truth of who we are is sometimes too scary to face and so we spend our life submerged in distractions.

We make ourselves busy with all these things that we have to do. And our minds can easily justify all the tasks we have to complete. And so, we tell everyone that we have no time, we are too busy.

We are too busy to stop and see what is really happening to us. We are too stressed to be able to stop and take a pause. And yet, the only way out of chaos or stress is to indeed stop and pause.

There are moments in life that we can afford to lose if we are healing or growing. We will easily lose a few hours watching a movie or a TV series.

But to take even half an hour to go and be present in nature and ground ourselves. Refresh and reset for just half an hour is not possible because we are too busy.

We are so unaware of what we spend our time on. We lose hours, days, weeks and years as we remain submerged and busy and stressed.

We think we are moving forwards but alas we are not. We are well and truly stuck but are unaware of our situation. Perhaps you live in a city but there are always parks close by.

We tell ourselves we are too busy but what do we do on the whole weekend. And the weekend after that and so on and so on. We have the choice to do whatever we like with our time.

The question is, will we spend it distracting ourselves or will we spend it focusing and taking action on what we would love to create in our life.

We seek excitement but real excitement is going down the unknown path. It’s going on adventures and following nudges. Its following our intuition.

Its creating our own excitement. Its following our heart. And when we do that, the gifts and rewards are beyond anything we have experienced so far in our life.

And the only way to find this out is to go on the adventure and listen and take action otherwise we will never know what might have been.

Experiencing a different kind of life

Yesterday was a day that you spent subconsciously trying to create a better life for yourself. It may have simply being going to work where you earnt money.

It may simply have been going to work and accruing more holiday days. It may have been taking the day off to rest and recover or perhaps taking the day off to go for a doctor’s appointment.

Whatever it is that you did, it was probably just another day. Something life changing may have happened but it’s unlikely that whatever it was, it would change your life forever.

The point is, that currently, whatever is going on in your life is subconsciously being created by you. You are creating a life for yourself by the decisions and choices that you make every day.

However, you are not fully conscious of what these decisions are. So now imagine for a moment, if you had a very clear plan or set of goals in place and every day and you consciously took action to make those goals happen.

But wait, you don’t just have goals. You have goals that have been created from your intuition based on what your heart would love and also based on what your true genius and purpose is on this earth.

Imagine, that every day, you spent 10 minutes focused on two of your goals and you sat quietly and undisturbed and listened to your intuition that told you what the next steps are that you need to take.

And through all these baby steps, guided by your intuition, you achieved your goals. However, the difference with having goals that are intuition led is that these will fulfil you.

Lots of us create goals based that come from a dysfunctional place. For example, I want to earn £200 00 this year or perhaps you are going all in for £1 million.

The amount of money is irrelevant, for what is relevant is why. Why do you want to earn x amount of money. Do you really think that when you have this money, you, as a human being is going to feel more fulfilled, more loved, more content, less stressed.

Or, do you think that once you earn this amount of money that the following year, you will want more and so you will need to work even harder.

You will spend less time with your loved ones, you will spend less time doing things you love because all your drive and ambition will be geared towards making your target amount of money.

You may get pleasure from achieving your goal and satisfaction and you can buy some nice things. You may even be able to go on an expensive holiday.

But will you be stress free, will you be living in the moment. Will you be at peace with yourself. Will you be comfortable spending time by yourself with your thoughts.

Or will you be stressed amount meeting your goals even while you are enjoying a beautiful holiday on a beach. Perhaps you will take your laptop so that you can do some work while you are away.

I can hold my hand up and say that is exactly what I have done. However, when we create goals that are based on our intuition and on what our heart desires and we focus on everything being playful and easy.

Then, we have a completely different experience. Our vibration is based on love. Loving what we are doing, loving the work we are doing, loving the people we work with.

Loving the feeling we get from doing work that feeds our soul. Indeed, it is not work. It is simply what we do every day. We do not yearn for a holiday because we love what we do every day.

Sure, one of our goals may be to go away and explore beautiful locations as an adventure rather than a simple holiday. When we operate in this way, we are operating at a much higher level. We are doing the work in our genius and as such, we do not seek distraction.

For example, going on holiday and drinking and eating to excess every day. Promising ourselves that we will start going to the gym when we get home.

And remember, how soon you forget that you have been on holiday once you get home. Just a few days in and you are back to your daily grind, holiday forgotten. The only thing lingering is sunburn.

But when your whole life is not a grind, but a love of what you do then you experience life in a completely different way. You are not a victim, things do not happen to you.

You are a creator of your own life. You focus on what you love and you take action. And most importantly, whatever it is that you do, brings you a deep sense of fulfilment and love. Imagine how that would feel.

How committed are you to living that kind of life. What stones are you willing to overturn to live like that. What scary, unknown paths are you willing to go down to embrace this new way of being every day.

Stop Wasting Time

Nothing is forever. You have the power to change whatever it is you wish to change in your life. You have the power to create a life you would love to live.

If something is not working, then it is up to you and you alone to change it. No one is coming to change it for you. No one is coming to rescue you and give you a better life.

It is all down to you and the chooses and action you take to make the necessary changes. Perhaps you think that everything is great or perhaps you are simply settling for what you have and you don’t believe that you deserve more than what you have today.

Perhaps you think you are not good enough or you are unworthy. The truth is, every single human on this earth has a genius within them.

They also have their authentic selves and they have the choose to choose every day how they live and what they do. You can learn how to become a creator.

You can learn about the different belief systems that hold you back from going after what you would love. You can learn every day how to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Or, you can stay as you are. The truth is, you are good enough as you are. You don’t need to go out there and conquer the world. You don’t need to earn millions of dollars or pounds or euros.

You don’t need to have the biggest house or the most expensive car. All these wants and needs often come from a place of being validated.

You cannot be validated as an adult. It’s simply too late. But what you can do is live in your truth as to who you really are. You can seek patterns in your life that cause self-sabotage, that cause you to overwork or to simply fail.

You can become aware of what you do to distract yourself every moment of every day. You can become aware of what you do to stop yourself playing a bigger game and to stay small and insignificant.

We spend most of our time every day wasting our time. Drinking, playing games, looking at social media, looking on the internet, watching YouTube or movies.

Even watching sport. All these countless distractions that prevent us going after being the person we were born to be on this earth. For if we remain distracted, then we feel safe.

Or so we think. Our ego thinks it is safer for us to stay small but in staying small and insignificant we then live with regret and shame and what if.

And one day, it will be too late and we will tell our grandchildren or anyone who will listen to our sob story of how we had all these dreams but we did none of them.

We were going to do all these amazing things but instead, we did nothing. And now, we are old, immobile and sad and the moment has been lost in a lifetime of distractions.

The worst of it is that we knew we were put on this earth for something bigger. We knew, in our heart we were meant for more. And yet, we refused to take action. We were scared and afraid.

More of being successful than of failure. For failure is familiar and almost comfortable as is suffering. But success, fame and fortune is not within our comfort zone.

It is way outside of what we know and so we fear it. We fear living in our greatness and so we do nothing. We talk ourselves out of it. We justify the reasons why we can’t go for what our heart desires.

We need money and time to go after what we love. We need everything to be perfect before we start. I know, I have done all of this.

But every single day, you don’t take action is a day lost, never to return again. It is another day you spent playing small instead of living in your greatness and feeling that love and appreciation of those that you inspire around you to live in their own greatness.

You have gifts and talents to offer the world. Do not deny the world of your gifts and talents. Do not hang on to mediocrity when you can have greatness.

You cannot wait any longer. Today is the day you begin your journey. Just do one simple thing that takes you closer.

However small the step, however brief the moment, it doesn’t matter because you will be moving forward. And that, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

I have a gift for you. A few years ago I did a course that completely changed my life. The course is free but it take commitment, willingness to be open to change and explore a new way of being. You can read more about it and sign up here.
Full disclosure, this is my affiliate link where i get a few pennies if you buy a paid course after the free one.

The Broken Plate and the Butterfly

As every day passes you by, do you love how you spent it or do you regret not doing what you would have loved to have done. Do you look forward to every day and a new exciting adventure or do you worry and are anxious about what it will bring you .

Pain and suffering, loss, distraction, avoidance. Will every day bring you love or regret. You know that the past is over and it cannot be brought forward again.

You are welcome to live in the past but it will bring you no peace or quiet or love. However, put your focus on creating a magical, exciting life for yourself and it will bring you whatever your heart desires.

The stronger your focus and the higher your vibration, the better your chance of success in getting what you would love. It is important to understand that you are responsible for whatever you create in your life.

You are responsible for your past decisions and choices, both conscious and subconscious. However, remember, when the past is done, it is done.

When a plate falls off a table and breaks, it is broken. Sure, you can try and glue it back together but it will never be the same again. You can’t make it un-fall.

You can’t make it unbreak. In the same way, with whatever has happened in your life, whether you love it or regret it, it is done. Do not sit and ponder what may have been.

Your only pondering is on the lesson you were to learn for there is always a lesson to learn. But that is where the past stops. Be present and love the day you have been gifted for that’s what it is.

A chance to create, a chance to love, a chance to live in your truth, to be your authentic self. Dwelling on the past only sucks time and energy from what you could create for today and tomorrow. Your focus creates your reality.

I will tell you this 100 times because it is true. Find your purpose and spend your days creating it and living it. Do not spend your days in pain from your past demons.

They have flown away and simply leave the ash of memories that once where but are now forgotten by everyone else apart from you.

Until of course, you learn to let go as well. Apart from the lesson, the past will not serve you. Humans are designed to constantly grow and evolve into better versions of themselves. Imagine a butterfly, beautiful and lovely, fluttering in the wind and the sunlight.

Do you think this gorgeous butterfly is thinking about when it was a worm, inching along the floor. Or do you think it is living in the moment of its new life and where its wings will take it next.

The next exciting journey and discoveries. Covering more ground in mere hours than it would have in days as a worm. Mostly living in fear of being picked up by a robin to feed its young chicks.

You have the choice to choose what you wish to think about. What you wish to put your focus on. Remember, for every moment you live in the past, you are losing out on the present and the future. And in those moments that you choose to live and think about the past, you lose the present.

It is gone forever, just like the broken plate, smashing into a thousand pieces on the floor, never to return every again. Do not waste your empathy on the plate.

It’s gone, its purpose complete, its energy transferred away to somewhere else where it is needed. All you really have is this moment, treasure it as the gift it is and spend it wisely.

Full it with love and use it to take action on making the next moment more exciting than the last.

Divine Love

Divine love is what we would all love to have in our lives. For this divine love will teach us that we are connected to all other beings.

And through this connection to one another, we ebb and flow throughout our lives. We get strength from one another whenever we need it. In those moments of deep sorrow or loss of a loved one.

Or through those times when we need great strength to overcome a physical challenge. When we are climbing a mountain, physically or metaphorically and we have reached the end of our resolve.

We need to dig deep and get strength from those connected to us through love. Love is in limitless abundance for us. You cannot give all your love away, for it is endless.

You can not only receive a certain amount of love and then you are full because it is endless. It is like a super fuel for the human body and mind.

It gives us strength and resilience to conquer all in this world that we choose to love in. choose to thrive in. we simply need to have the awareness of when to call out for it. It will always be there, waiting for us.

Do not shut your mind off to it. Do not be a victim and wallow in self-pity. A little bird will sit on a fence and freeze to death but he or she will never feel sorry for themselves.

Remember, love is your super power and your super fuel and it is always in limitless supply. Simply sit and focus on your heart space and send out love to everyone you can think of.

And be open to receiving love from anyone and everyone. It will ignite your frequency and your cells which will feel like they’re bursting with energy and excitement.

And remember too that you can get love from all creatures, plants and trees on earth, not just humans. Feel the love and wisdom of trees that have been around for longer than all of us in our lifetime.

They have seen humanity transform through many generations. Seen young children grow up to be adults and grandparents and great parents.

They have seen little children play upon their branches, yelling and screaming with love and excitement. It has brought much joy to everyone around including the trees themselves.

This has kept the trees strong and unyielding in strong winds and heavy rainfall. They survive and thrive and see it all. They are the keepers of wisdom and love and every spring they are reborn and flourish and grow and evolve.

So go about your day with love. Do not get distracted by the little things that try and knock you off track. Keep love as your frequency and operate form your highest self.

Whatever happens in your day, come back to love. That will resolve many of the problems you face throughout your lifetime.