The Dawn Of An Ancient New Society

In 10660BC, there was a great war. Many small villages all sent their men and young boys to fight in this war. It was a sort of mass uprising.

Many of these small tribes where being attacked and plundered by a bigger tribe in the south.

And so the rest of the tribes, who weren’t exactly friendly with each other, decided that enough was enough.

Their chiefs all got together in an unprecedented meeting and decided to work together this one time for the greater good of all.

The tribes by themselves had been easy pickings but with them all fighting together, they were a force to be reckoned with. They fought with arrows and poison darts.

They had long knives and spears. It was a brutal and bloody war and many were killed. However, the tribe that was doing all the plundering and killing where annihilated.

They killed every single one of them. Not even the women or children were spared. They erased the tribe and their history off the face of the earth.

It was important to teach a lesson to all the tribes in the area. There may be big rewards for attacking and plundering others but if you go too far, your blood lines will be completely erased.

It was soon after this event that the tribes formed a council of leaders that would look after the interests of all the tribes. It became clear that by working together they were much stronger.

Not all tribes fitted into this and some wanted to remain independent. But it was clear that together they achieve a lot more than by themselves.

Some tribes even merged together and formed bigger tribes. These were some of the first ancient cities.

They found they could build bigger and better homes and shelters when there were more men available to all help and work together.

People felt safer in these bigger tribes and cities. They thrived more than when they were just a small tribe, trying desperately to find enough food to stay alive.

This new way of being was quite a big turning point in history. Although much of it remains unknown and unproven for it lies beneath the waves after the great floods that raised the sea levels around this time.

The councils governed all the small villages in a wide area. They did what they could to protect them and they start holding events where they could compete against one another.

While this was designed to make things more friendly between them, the events where extremely competitive and tempers flared when their various champions did not win.

This was all the beginning of a new society and a new way of being. It was to shape the future of mankind from this time forward. And to this day, the same principles are still in play.

Unfortunately the system has become very corrupt and self centered but it is all based on this system that was formed many thousands of years ago when a whole lot of small tribes had to work together to ensure their survival.

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