Unleash Your Inner Light: The Power of Love That Goes Beyond Sex

When we take sex out of the equation, we open ourselves up to a whole new bunch of possibilities when it comes to love. We can unconditionally love another man or woman.

We love because we can. Because it raises our vibration. It puts us instantly in a better state of mind. It empowers us. It rejuvenates us. It unlocks our potential for ourselves and for others.

It enables us to have deeper conversations. To creates a safe space to have these deep conversation. Without expectations or conditions. It enables us to reveal our heart to another.

It enables us to be vulnerable. For when we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable then we will begin to heal.

Others in this safe space can reveal to us what we cannot see. They can join us in our vulnerability. They can read what is going on for us. They can increase our awareness.

When we all sit together in unconditional love, we can embrace our super power which is our heart. We can share our love with one another. We can support each other, unconditionally.

Unconditional love is not a fleeting feeling that you project to others for a second of your day. It is not a passing thought. It is a deeper way of being.

It is something that you put your focus on. It is something that you sit with or focus on while you are out walking in nature.

We can raise each other’s vibration and send each other powerful feelings of love. We can embrace one another’s spiritual self. We can see the vision of one another’s higher self. The genius self.

We can see each other’s purpose. We can beat our angel wings together, rhythmically and powerfully.

We can celebrate each other’s hearts and power.

Sex is so limiting and brief and conditional but love. Love is infinite and powerful beyond measure. Love can be spread throughout the entire universe.

Raise the vibration and mood of unseen beings. Bring joy and happiness to others.

Unconditional means that all we see is the other’s heart. We communicate directly with their heart. We enable it to feel safe and to flourish and expand like a beautiful rose in full bloom.

It’s power takes our breathe away. our heart space expands, our head is thrown back. Our heart is like a powerful sun, beating from within our chest but expanding way beyond our physical body.

It’s light bursts forth. Everything around us, seen and unseen is all lit up with love, joy, happiness and the absolute highest vibration. It’s power incomprehensible.

And yet, it is within all of us. We all have this ability. We all have this gift but most live and die without ever knowing what lies within them. Untapped potential. Untouched gifts.

Don’t be one of those. Don’t be tricked by your society to hold back. Everything has the meaning, the meaning you give it. Nothing more.


Freely love one another. Love and celebrate other’s successes. Send love to your enemies. Send love to those who are struggling, emotionally or physically. Send love to those in pain.

Let go. Let go of what is expected of you and be free.

When you are faced with any challenging situation in your life, respond with love first. Never forget that love is your super power. And to raise your vibration stops you being a victim in your life.

You become creative. you find solutions to problems. you have a more fulfilling human experience.

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