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Billion Dollar Hack

Gary is thrown in at the deep end as he is pulled in to investigate a complex hack at the New York bank where he works as a cybersecurity expert.

The magnitude and complexity of the hack increase dramatically as he discovers numerous senior staff could be involved. Before long, Gary himself is implicated and must go on the run. Hunted by the very hackers, he is hunting and the FBI, his only way to save himself is to get to the truth behind the hack.

Used to being stuck behind a desk, Gary, along with Jessica, struggle to stay one step ahead of a violent criminal gang, desperate to silence them. As they uncover the shocking truth, Gary and his friend’s problems are far from over.

Billion Dollar Hack is a thrilling novel based on facts about real-world cybersecurity attacks, including the faked data positioned of two warships at the entrance of a significant Russian naval base in the Black sea. This book aims to educate you via a riveting and entertaining story with a jaw-dropping twist at the end. A tough book to put down.



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Colin Durrant has been running multiple technology-based, small businesses in the UK since 1999. In this easy-to-understand and easy-to-read book, Colin shares his various experiences and lessons from his over 22 year journey. Lessons, that if you don’t heed could result in your business becoming another statistic in such a tough and competitive world.

This book is a quick read but has some powerful lessons that are easy to digest and implement. You may be looking for a business change or even a business mba. You can start right here. There are similar books, like business adventures john brooks and business communication today 15th edition that you can also consider. Business economics is part of every business and needs to be taken into careful consideration when running a business.

Business intelligence and analytics systems for decision support, this book will help you make more intelligent business decisions.