Join us on an adventure into the wilderness. An escape from Western stress (Phones, traffic, money, pollution, the daily grind) and get back to nature. We came from nature so it is our natural habitat where we can get the space to stop and breathe.

Being immersed in nature allows you to get rid of all the stress holding you back in life and think clearly. Give your brain a reboot.

Think about what is important to you and what you really want out of life. What makes you happy and what would you truly love to create in your life. So we go back to living in nature where our basic, natural survival instincts kick in.

There is nowhere to be, nowhere to rush off to, no pressure. There is just immersing yourself in an incredible, life-changing adventure that will change the projection your life.

If you are living a stressed, high-pressure lifestyle, then take some time out and come and join us. You may not even realized how stressed you are or perhaps you just want a safe space to plan your future.

We take a small group of people into the remote wilderness. Relaxing around a fire and doing many other exciting adventures and activities during the trip. To take the opportunity to not have to worry about everything going on in our busy lives but take the time and space to check our current life path.

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We shall climb a mountain or two, go swimming in a fresh mountain lake and push our comfort zones a little. We shall do a greatness reading and see if we can uncover what lies within your genius, talents and gift’s.

We shall meet at a designated area before we head off into the remote wilderness. We shall either be going to a lodge or camping depending on the specific trip.

We shall have a plan of activities including group and private coaching sessions as well as the space to simply do nothing but relax and write down whatever comes up for you.

Adventure trips will vary in length (3 to 14 days) and there will be strictly no phones or other technology (apart from emergency equipment).