Deadly spiders found in bananas

banana spider

Not for the first time or the last time, the world’s deadliest spider is once again feared to be on the loose in Britain after a family spotted a nest in a bunch of bananas. Don’t worry, I doubt it is going to go on a killing spree and kill hundreds of people, although the press would probably prefer this as it will give them something interesting to report for a change.

Keith Hobbs and wife Laura fled with their four children when told that it was probably the Brazilian wandering spider, which can have legs up to 15cm long and kill with its venomous bite.

They found the deadly spider in bananas after bringing them home from Aldi in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, last Thursday.

Deputy head teacher Mr Hobbs, 32, told The Sun newspaper: “As soon as we knew what they were we just grabbed the kids, who were in their pyjamas, and ran out the house.

“We’ve spent the night in a hotel room. It’s terrifying – it’s like a bad dream.”

Hunting Spider or Banana Spider (Cupiennius salei) walking on Bananas, native to Central America

Hunting Spider or Banana Spider (Cupiennius salei) walking on Bananas, native to Central America

Personally I find this embarrassing and a slight over reaction but such is the fear when people are ignorant. Firstly, if they had even hatched, their fangs would probably be too small and soft to harm any human or pet. Secondly, even if it was a large adult who escaped from the bananas, while it will certainly be dangerous, it is unlikely to hunt you down and bite everyone in the house on some random killing rampage. 

I keep a Chilean Rose tarantula in the office and I have learnt that she has one rule – don’t piss her off! Then she is a happy and content spider. Goes with most spiders and snakes really. Don’t piss them off, try and kill them or startle them. They’re a lot smaller than you and don’t really want to die.

The family’s nightmare began when Mrs Hobbs’ parents bought them the bananas from an Aldi store in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

After opening the bag and finding the cocoon she screamed for her husband who called police and also contacted wildlife experts to identify the spiders.

When they were notified the local Aldi shop was temporarily shut yesterday but reopened in the afternoon after no spiders were found.

Aldi has reportedly agreed to pay for the Hobbs’ hotel bill and for a pest control firm to fumigate their home.

Ironically a spokesman told the Mail Online: “Recent reports alleging that the eggs of the Brazilian wandering spider have been found in a bunch of bananas at the Aldi store in Hinckley are unsubstantiated.”

The Hinckley store in question has now been reopened and all appears well.

Venom from a Brazilian wandering spider can kill a human (depending on size) in just two hours, with victims suffering nausea, hypothermia and convulsions.

It is fast-moving and aggressive, with a body up to 2 inches long, six small eyes and two large ones, and large red fangs it displays by raising its front two legs.

The Brazilian Wondering Spider

The Brazilian Wondering Spider

Declared the most venomous spider in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, it is found in South and Central America and its Greek name, Phoneutria, translates as “murderess”.

Rather than building a web to catch its prey, the spider hunts insects, small mammals and reptiles on the jungle floor. It is a true hunter. Hiding and chasing after it’s prey before sinking it’s fangs into it’s terrified victim and then sucking out the bodily fluids like a Pina Calada through a straw.

The Bite

Brazilian wandering spiders’ venom is a complex cocktail of toxins, proteins and peptides, according to the Natural History Museum in Karlsruhe, Germany. The venom affects ion channels and chemical receptors in victims’ neuromuscular systems.

After a human is bitten by one of these spiders, he or she may experience initial symptoms such as severe burning pain at the site of the bite, sweating and goose bumps. Within 30 minutes, symptoms become systemic and include high or low blood pressure, fast or a slow heartbeat, nausea, abdominal cramping, hypothermia, vertigo, blurred vision, convulsions and excessive sweating associated with shock. People who are bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider should seek medical attention immediately.

There is an anti-venom available and the toxicity and resultant death has many different factors like amount of venom injected and size of the person bitten.

Although an effective anti-venom exists, at least 10 people have been killed by the spider in Brazil and the true total is believed to be higher. The female spider will lay up to 1,000 eggs, which are kept safe in a spun-silk egg sac.

deadly spiders in bananas

A spokeswoman for Warwickshire Police said: ‘We were called at 10.10pm on June 4 to St Nicholas Park Drive in Nuneaton where a family were thought to have found Brazilian wandering spider eggs in a bag of bananas believed to have been bought from the Aldi store in Watling Street, Hinckley.

“As a precaution, the family address is being fumigated. An officer attended the store at 7.15am yesterday and the store was closed at 8.15am in case a spider had got loose. No spiders were found at the store by officers.”

Going back to October 2014, one London family found a spider in their bananas after a grocery delivery from the Waitrose supermarket chain, the Daily Mail reported at the time. The family was unloading the groceries when he (Tim) spied the venomous Brazilian wandering spider — he panicked (as you do), dropping the bananas into a bowl and trapping the spider by one of its legs. He looked the spider up online and discovered how dangerous it was, “We were terrified. We got ourselves and our kids out of the house straight away.” Unfortunately, no one seemed to want to deal with the spider: Both police and the local animal welfare group said they weren’t equipped to handle it.

In the meantime, the spider had dropped it’s leg and disappeared off to watch TV, and a Waitrose worker sent over to investigate found hundreds of spider eggs in the bananas. Waitrose finally sent a pest control expert, who battled what he called the “hard-core” arachnid and its spawn the old-school way: He stuck the eggs in the freezer to kill them and battled the fang-baring spider with a 3-foot stick until he was able to direct it into a heavy plastic container. Waitrose gave the family £240 in store vouchers, a “family day out,” as an apology.

Further reading: 107 million spiders found in a 4 acre mega web!

Four-Acre Indoor Web Was Home To 107 Million Spiders

Where there’s poop, there’s flies. Where there’s flies, there’s spiders.

So what happens when there is a lot of poop and a lot of flies.. ? Maybe like a sewage treatment plant?

Well, then, you could get a whole bunch of spiders like this:

spider web

This is a photo of a section of a four-acre web that was found at the Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant in Maryland. Apparently, there is an estimated 107 million orb-weaving spiders of different species assembled a “megaweb” inside one of the plant’s main treatment buildings.

If you’re afraid of spiders, then this web makes your worst nightmare a reality. Can you imagine rolling round in a web full of spiders?? However a team of scientists who studied the web found it fascinating and even published a paper about the web:

“We were unprepared for the sheer scale of the spider population and the extraordinary masses of both three dimensional and sheet-like webbing that blanketed much of the facility’s cavernous interior. Far greater in magnitude than any previously recorded aggregation of orb-weavers, the visual impact of the spectacle was nothing less than astonishing.

In places where the plant workers had swept aside the webbing to access equipment, the silk spider web lay piled on the floor in rope-like clumps as thick as a fire hose.”

The entire web was eventually removed, but these images of it, courtesy of the Entomological Society of America, should entertain you:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge










Triathlete injured as drone filming race falls to ground


Reports that a drone hit an athlete competing in a triathlon in Western Australia’s Mid West are being investigated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Raija Ogden reportedly sustained minor head injuries after the drone’s operator lost control of the device. The videographer operating the drone claimed the craft had crashed because someone in the crowd had hacked his drone and made it crash on purpose.

The drone was being used to film competitors in the Geraldton Endure Batavia triathlon in western Australia. Ms Ogden was treated at the scene of the accident before being taken to hospital where stitches were required to close a head wound. Geraldton Triathlon club has apologised to Ms Ogden who was only metres away from the finishing line when she sustained her injuries.

Drone was hacked

The drone was being piloted by local photographer Warren Abrams who set it hovering about 10m above the race route to capture images of competitors completing the 10km run section of the triathlon.

Conflicting reports about the incident have emerged in local media. Some witnesses said the drone fell directly on to Ms Ogden but others said she tripped and fell after being startled by the plummeting device.

Mr Abrams told ABC news that video footage shot by the drone clearly showed it missed Ms Ogden and fell just behind her. In later reports Ms Ogden disputed this version of events saying she only sat down as she thought she was going to faint after the craft hit her.

Channel hopping is a form of hacking which can render the drone uncontrollable to the original operator. Mr Abrams said it was a deliberate act and it would be difficult to determine who was responsible as something as common as a mobile phone could be used to perform a channel hop. The videographer added that there had been a similar incident when the drone was flown earlier in the day.

He said a full check was conducted and the device was taken elsewhere for a test flight, but he said no issues were detected. CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said he was confident sophisticated drones used in commercial operations would not be able to be controlled or hacked in that way. “the simpler ones that you can go down to a store and buy, maybe that is possible given that they’re that much more basic,” he said.

“It’s very unlikely they’re going to be used in commercial operations where they’re going to be near people or property.”

The incident is now being investigated by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority whose rules dictate that unmanned aircraft must fly a minimum of 30m away from people. Operators of drones are required to be certified by the agency to fly the unmanned craft.

The Agency is now looking into the incident as news reports raised questions about whether Mr Abrams was certified to operate the drone.

Mr Abrams said his initial investigation suggested that he lost control after someone else briefly took over flying the drone. Determining who in the crowd of competitors had stolen control would be tricky, he said, because smartphones could easily be used to carry out such an attack.

spider falls from the sun visor

A 38 year old doctor panicked when a spider dropped on her lap as she was driving her car causing an accident that led to the death of an elderly motorist.


spider falls from sun visor

Dr Amy Elizabeth Walpole, was driving her red Mazda MX5 and went into panic when the spider fell from the sun visor. The GP was seen waving her arms frantically before smashing into the oncoming car of 87-year-old John Evans, Llanelli magistrates court was told.

The prosecution, Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, said: “Walpole explained that a spider had dropped from her sun-visor and landed in her lap. With her fear of spiders, she went into a panic as she tried to throw the spider out the car. With this distraction, the doctor drifted across the road causing the collision.”

John Allchurch, in mitigation, said Walpole was arachnophobic. “It was a large spider which she was terrified of and tried to flick out of the window,” he said.

John Evans, the eighty seven year old driver of the other vehicle, suffered fractures and damage to his heart in the collision. He was able to walk from his car to an ambulance but unfortunately died the next day.

Dr Walpole, of Penymynydd, near Llanelli, south Wales, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving. David Powells, the presiding judge banned Walpole from driving for twelve months and ordered her to carry out 80 hours of community service.

The judge said that they were dealing with a tragic accident. However, the witness account of seeing the doctor’s arms waving around when the spider dropped was consistent with what she had said and her arachnophobia.

He went on to say there were no aggravating circumstances. The family of John Evans had asked for Walpole to be dealt with leniently as they were aware of her good reputation as a GP in the area. “This is not a case for prison, it is a case for a community order,” David Powells went on to say.

Dealing with failure

Dealing with failure

Dealing with failure


I guess failure is largely down to perception unless you want to be brutally honest and black and white. You could look at it a lot of different ways and try to take the positives out of your journey that ultimately lead to failure to achieve what you set out to.

I am always fascinated by Mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC. I’m a big fan as they have to train so incredibly hard and have a lot of courage. Can you imagine getting I to a cage with another guy who is at the top of his game both physically and skills wise and really wants to punch you on the nose. That’s gonna hurt! So the fighters put a lot of effort in making sure they do not get smacked on the snout.



Apart from the effort and courage, only one out of the two guys or girls is going to win. Both have probably trained equally as hard as each other but only one will win. There is success or fail. No half way.

Maybe it will be a close fight or maybe one will get steam rolled but even then the one getting steam rolled could still pull a win off like Anderson Silver verses Chael Sonnen. Anderson got beaten up for 4 and a half rounds and then got Chael in a choke hold with his legs and won the fight. But, it means Chael lost, he didn’t become world champion, he didn’t beat Anderson Silver.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

My question is how do we look at these things. Do we say well done you did well or do we say you lost. End of. You failed. The human ego is a fragile thing. You have to be strong to deal with failure, get out of bed and go for it again to try and succeed. No one became world champion at anything and never tasted defeat.. Ever..

I have failed at a few things recently. My biggest failure to date is not being with my son every day. I tried everything I could to be with his mother so that I could be with my little boy but it simply didn’t work out. Above all else I felt he deserved to grow up with his mum and dad. I really tried hard and sacrificed a lot to make that happen but eventually it was taken out my hands. And I had to deal with the ultimate failure. I had failed to be there for him every day.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

We are so close and have such an amazing relationship that I cherish and am grateful for. I didn’t want to lose that. I still see him a few times a week and we still have a great relationship but I don’t have him with me every day. So I failed.



My second failure was an extreme Ironman I was training for. My friend Darren and I had done the race the year before on only 3 months training. It wasn’t enough for a 2.4mile swim in the North Sea, a 112 mile bike ride which included 4500 metres of climbing and a marathon which included running up and down Ben Nevis in Scotland.

We both finished. It was pretty tough to say the least but we finished. This time we both had the worst pre week possible. I was sick (probably from stress) so wasn’t feeling my best and worst of all I didn’t feel like eating which is rather important when you’re about to burn off 10 000 calories. Darren also had a dodgy tummy.

extreme ironman

Mid way through an Extreme Ironman

The day before a little wheel broke on my derailler so that needed running about and fixing. Lucky there was a bike mechanic at the race start so it was all fixed but there were a few other niggles to sort.

Now I don’t eat a lot of carbs anymore as this helps me have a six pack. Mostly meat and vegetables. So when we had a large carb dinner the night before, it transpired it wasn’t the best for me.

After a nice 3.30am wake up call we headed off to a chilly (12 degrees) 2.4 mile swim in the North Sea. The swim went well for both of us despite going a little off course.

Extreme Ironman in Scotland

Extreme Ironman in Scotland

The bike started fine but then everything seized up in my back. I was in a huge amount of pain. While I can deal with a lot of pain, I actually started loosing power too. After 40 miles I was stuffed. I had another 20 miles to get to the second check point (we skipped the first) which was seriously hard work and very mentally challenging.

Reaching the check point where my girlfriend and other friends where patiently waiting I told then I was done. I was a wreck. They didn’t get it though, they said I would be fine but I was trying to tell them I really wasn’t.. Not even a little.

Luckily Darren’s wife, Fran is also a skilled therapist so lay me on the grass and gave me a back treatment. This eased it and I felt loads better. I wasn’t really up for eating much. I had eaten more than usual but not enough much to the frustration of my crew who where trying to bribe me to eat by offering sexual favours… I was tempted!



I headed off on the next 20 mile stint feeling better but not 100%. I got through it to the 80 mile check point and got another treatment from fan. More desperation to get food into me and off on the final hilly 30 miles. I actually started feeling loads better which is interesting.

Having lost all sense of competitiveness I decided to wait for my compatriots, Darren and Steve who I thought were not far behind. Transpired they were further back than I thought but still it was good we all headed off on the marathon together at a brisk walk.

Ironman Triathlon in Scotland

Ironman Triathlon in Scotland

After a few miles my body began to break down despite having had a massage while I waited. My body literally couldn’t walk uphill. It almost came to a grinding halt. I started to jog the downhills to make the time back. I found a slow jog was easier than walking. Steve ran off to try and make the next check point before the cut off time while Darren and I soldiered on.

There were a few people and a car at the bottom of a very steep off road accent. About 2 km uphill at about 30 to 45% incline so no walk in the park. Darren said it was last chance saloon to turn back. I simply didn’t have that button to stop.


We started at the lake and climbed up a stupid steep hill

I had sent a text to the girlfriend saying I was concerned I really wasn’t going to make it. All I got back was “you’re fine”. Awesome!

So I headed up the steep incline and miraculously I found another gear and Darren struggled to keep up. I had done a lot of steep uphill training and obviously my body remembered this and I was using a different set of muscles. We actually caught Steve back up.

don't fear failure

Don’t fear failure

It is an extremely tough climb and the ground is rough and soggy to boot. However we got to the top and headed down the other side. A rough goat track with rocks and water. I didn’t make good time and probably should have tried to run. We did a river crossing at the bottom and headed up and onto a dirt road towards the 18 mile check point.

It became apparent we were not going to make the time limit at 18 miles in order to head up Ben Nevis. Steve was ahead of us and we were hoping he was going to be in time. It turned out later he hurt his knee to although he made the check point, he couldn’t go any further.

I was enjoying the environment as we caught up another guy soldiering on by himself. He was actually a local but still found it extremely hard going. The midges made an appearance which were slightly annoying / driving us slowly insane.

We reach a vehicle and some race organisers at about 12 miles who insisted it was time to call it a day. I would have been happy to keep going to 18 miles but the midges were getting frustrating and we didn’t really have a choice.

So.. We didn’t finish. We failed.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Do we focus on our failure or on our enjoyment of the journey? Do we take the positives out the situation and be realistic compared to the time available to train verses what we really needed to have done to complete the event? Or do we acknowledge we were simply too weak to focus and commit to our training which led to our failure and next time we need to try significantly harder and be significantly more focused and determined to put the work in?

It is a interesting set of questions. It is always important to be positive and not beat yourself down with negativity however you need to accept failure and come back stronger next time. Failure is part of life and it is how you deal with it and bounce back that defines you as a person. Defines your character and strength.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Be positive but don’t kid yourself. You did fail and you have to work harder to not fail the next time. At least we never broke the rule of never, never, never give up. However close it was.

I always used to say that failure is not an option. Until I heard someone (Chael Sonnen) say that failure is always an option. The option is always there for you to take. Just choose not to fail.

Video of Jaguar Attacking Caiman Crocodile

Video of Jaguar Attacking Caiman Crocodile

A stunned caiman crocodile gets the shock of it’s life as a Jaguar explodes out of the river and attacks it. The 20-stone jaguar sinks its sharp teeth into the eight-foot reptile before dragging it back across the water and into the jungle. The unbelievable kill sequence was captured by videographer Sally Eagle in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil.

It is unusual for any animal to attack a caiman crocodile but there have been previous records of big cats and big snakes attacking and eating them. Anaconda’s have been cut open to reveal a dead caiman inside it’s belly.

Video of Jaguar Attacking Caiman Crocodile

Jaguar attacking Caiman


Jaguar attack on Yacare Caiman Caiman yacare on 25 Aug 2013 in the Pantanal, Brazil © Paul Donahue

Jaguar attack on Yacare Caiman Caiman yacare on 25 Aug 2013 in the Pantanal, Brazil © Paul Donahue

Cobra’s severed head kills chef

Cobra’s severed head kills chef

A Chinese chef cooking a special soup dish made from cobra flesh died after he was bitten by the severed snake’s head while throwing it into the dustbin– 20 minutes after it was cut off.

Cobra's severed head kills chef

Spitting Cobra

The chef, Peng Fan was preparing the rare Asian delicacy which uses the flesh from the Indochinese spitting cobra when the snake’s severed head bit him with a full dose of venom, The Mirror reported.

Fan died before he could be treated in hospital by using the cobra’s anti-venom, police said. The Cobra has neurotoxic venom which means it attacks the organs and heart rather than just the site of the bite itself. Without the anti-venom to counter the effects, victims will normally be dead within one to three hours depending on the size of the victim and the amount of venom injected by the snake.

“It is a highly unusual case, but it appears to be just an accident,” a police spokesman said. “He prepared the snake himself and was just unlucky.

The police stated there was nothing that could be done to save the Chinese chef. As the snake’s anti-venom was not administered in time, the patient obviously died.

Diners who were eating in the restaurant at the time of the incident described screams coming from the kitchen.

Lin Sun, 44, who was dining with his wife Su said: “We were in the restaurant having a meal for my wife’s birthday when suddenly there was a lot of commotion and screaming from the kitchen”

“There were calls for a doctor in the restaurant but unfortunately by the time medical assistance arrived, the man had already died.” Most diner left the tragic scene of the restaurant without finishing their meals.

spitting cobra

Spitting Cobra

According to a local snake expert Yang Hong-Chang, all reptiles can function for up to an hour after losing their primary body parts.

While the snake was clearly dead, there are still some reflexive re-actions which resulted in the the body-less head biting the Chinese chef, Peng.

“It means snakes have the capability of biting and injecting venom even after the head has been severed.” said the snake expert.

Scary Truth about Facebook Messenger

This is important to read and understand. I can only report what I have found but can not guarantee how accurate this is. That is, none of it is unbelievable.

We are all a bit sick of having to firstly being forced to use the new messenger app and secondly sick of all the invites to use the stupid thing.

We generally use facebook on our phone more than on our laptop or computer. So at some point you will either have already installed Facebook messenger or at least been invited a number of times.

So let me try and explain what’s happening and what the implications are of using the new app.

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger

It’s always been OPTIONAL but coming soon to your Facebook experience….it won’t be an option…it will be mandatory if you care to send messages from your phone.

Now you may think this is just another app but what you probably won’t realise is the permissions you must give to Facebook in order to use the Facebook Messenger App.

Here is a short list of the most disturbing permissions it requires and a quick explanation of what it means to you and the privacy settings on your phone.

• Change the state of network connectivity – So Facebook can change or alter your connection to the Internet or your mobile service. You’re basically giving Facebook permission to turn features on your phone on and off and without telling you.

• Call phone numbers and send SMS messages – Facebook is able to automatically send text messages to your contacts on your behalf without your consent.

• Record audio, and take pictures and videos, at any time. Yes, RECORD audio…TAKE pictures and VIDEO….AT ANY TIME!! That means that Facebook can see through your phone’s camera whenever they want.. Facebook can listen to what you’re saying via your microphone whenever they decide to.

• The privacy settings you have to accept when you install the Facebook messenger app also Facebook to read your phone’s call log, including info about incoming and outgoing calls – Who have you been calling? How long did you talk to them?

• Facebook will be able to read your contact data, including who your contacts are, how many you have, who you call and email and how often. Now Facebook will be able to read e-mails you’ve sent and take information from them to use for their own gain, be that “personalized advertisements” or if it’s for “research purposes”. I think what is more scary is the US Government getting hold of this data.

• Facebook will be able to read personal profile information stored on your device – This means all addresses, personal info, pictures or any other private info.

• Get a list of accounts known by the phone, or other apps you use– Facebook will now have a tally of all the apps you use, how often you use them and what information you keep or exchange on those apps. Probably advertise similar apps to you or more.

Having read up and investigated the permissions I have now deleted the app from my phone and don’t intend to use it ever again. I still have my Facebook app but any messages will have to be done on a computer and not on the phone.

With these kinds of privacy invasions Facebook as a simple company is pushing the boundaries of data protection. I still feel this is more for the benefits of the NSA rather than facebook themselves although Facebook will be delighted to have all this data to customise their marketing even further.

In the good old days we used to setup sudo names to protect our identity. But now with apps like Facebook which are very personal to who we are and our real friends we connect to and interact with, our real data is out there. There is no sudo name pretending to be someone else. The real you is out there for a company like Facebook and others to take full advantage of.

We have forgotten about that desire to protect our identity and we just lay down and let them invade our privacy. Or perhaps we are simply too trusting.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Perhaps this will happen anyway as many people won’t read this or think it is worth taking action. There will be petitions but who knows if it will be enough. It will have to be significant for Facebook to actually reverse their strategy. And as usual, when everything dies down (hype) they will do it anyway.

So please share this and let your friends know the dangers of the Facebook messenger app and to un-install it immediately if at all possible.

America Has A Secret Super Weapon

Michio Kaku

Dr Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku Says America Has A Secret Super Weapon.

So why is America seemingly so successful and produces amazing innovations from Silicon valley? When we watch American TV and talk to a lot of people they come across as really stupid. So where do all these Nobel laureates come from?

Well, America has several secret weapons that most nations (especially Americans) have never heard of. The secret weapon, the weapon that keeps the US at the forefront of innovation and scientific progress and high tech, is the H1B.

That is the secret weapon that most nations and people have never heard of. What is it? The H1B is the genius visa. If you are “a genius,” for example you have a PhD, if you have wealth, if you’re an established public figure, then bang, America wants you and you get a green card to go straight into the United States to energize Silicon Valley, which is 50% foreign born.

While Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are not foreign born, 50% of the scientists behind Bill and Steve are foreign-born. There’s a massive brain drain from foreign countries and it the the United States that is sucking in all the top talent and geniuses.

This is where innovation takes place and is rewarded financially. Lets be clear, America does “see the genius in the classroom.” like the young Gates and young Jobs and even the young Albert Einstein.

In the East there is an expression, “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.” In the East there is this Confucian tradition that you’re not supposed to make your peers look bad by excelling and trying to achieve something beyond their abilities. Don’t make everyone around you look stupid in other words.

However, in the West, there is another saying, and that is, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” So, the innovators, the real imaginative thinkers, they are rewarded in the American system, while in the East they are hammered down.

And third, the American college system is not so bad. Even though the high school system generates millions of near-illiterate students, by the time they hit college, then that’s when they begin to accelerate. That’s when they begin to get up to speed if they have it in them.

But the US can not sustain their scientific establishment this way. They can not continue to rely on foreign scientists. They need to generate their own pool of geniuses.

World’s first surviving panda triplets

World’s first surviving panda triplets
World's first surviving panda triplets

Six month old giant panda cub Long Long eats bamboo in Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou in February 16, 2014.

Researchers place new-born panda cubs on a crib on September 23, 2013 at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center in China's Sichuan province.

A keeper tucks in a group of panda cubs for a nap at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center on September 26, 2011.

There are very few pandas are born every year. Unfortunately, even fewer of the fragile Panda cubs stay alive for very long.

So, when triplet baby panda’s where born recently in China and have so far survived over two weeks, it is seen simply as a miracle.

At birth, the panda cubs, which weighed 122 grams, 90 grams, and 83 grams, respectively. According to all records, they are the only the only living panda triplets in the world.

Juxiao (“chrysanthemum smile”) who is 12 years old, gave birth to the cute little cubs on July 29 2014  in China’s Chimelong Safari Park which is in the southern city of Guangzhou.

“After nearly half a month under the care of the mother, the babies are very healthy,” China Daily reported Dong Guixin (Park Manager) as saying. He also mentioned the delivery took around 4 hours.

The panda cubs have already doubled their weight since birth.

Traditionally, Pandas are known for having very low survival rates, with only a third making it past infancy.

A set of giant panda triplets was born in China, back in 1999 however one died after only three days.

Excitingly, at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, another baby panda cub is due within the next few weeks to it’s mum Tian Tian.