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A day in the life of an Extraterrestrial

Audio version available here – A day in the life of an Extraterrestrial (substack.com) In the world of extraterrestrials, their daily life consists largely of seeking different experiences. Some ETs create these experiences for others. It is how they work. These experiences are all imagined. Whatever they can imagine, they can create for themselves and […]

Endless Energy

Audio version here – https://open.substack.com/pub/colindurrant/p/endless-energy?r=2d5vtt&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web Everything is energy and imagination. Whatever you can imagine, you can create in your life. You can make it a reality. But it takes energy. Your energy comes from your heart. Your true energy. As a human, you have different energy sources. The most powerful source of energy is your […]

Your Resistance to Experiencing Life

Audio version is here – https://open.substack.com/pub/colindurrant/p/your-resistance-to-experiencing-life As humans we fear change more than anything. We would rather stay in suffering and pain than imagine a world that is different to our current reality. We have to know how it is so that we think we have stability. And yet, those that embrace change have a […]

The Universe

Audio version available here – https://colindurrant.substack.com/p/the-universe The fabric of time and space bends in ways you cannot even imagine. As humans, everything we believe has to be seen with our own two eyes. We have to see it to believe that it is possible. However, in space and the universe which lies outside of earth, […]


Audio version – https://open.substack.com/pub/colindurrant/p/fulfilment   In the endless pursuit of happiness in our lives. We are often distracted but what we think will bring us happiness but actually brings the opposite. For example, we believe that with lots of money, we can do anything we want, whenever we want. And to a degree that is […]

Dark Days

As rain clouds sweep across the earth, bringing new life. There is an element of suffering because it is wet and dark and miserable. But this is really a metaphor for life on earth. For after every dark thunderstorm, there is always light and bright sunshine afterwards. However long it takes for it to shine […]


There was a time, millions of years ago when earth was still evolving into a place that humans could one day be able to live. That was very dangerous for all the creatures that lived in that time. And yes, there was a species of human alive during those days as well. Hiding and hunting […]

What Choices Are You Making?

There is a way of being that is available to all of us. However, we all choose our own way of being. We can be a victim in this gift of life that is proffered to us. We can feel resentful, confused and unhappy. Or we can recognise what a gift life really is and […]


In yesteryear there was a time when all men had to go to war. They did not understand why they had to go to war apart from they were tricked into believing that they were saving their country. They had the opportunity to become heroes and would be worshipped by their country for the rest […]

Creating your own reality

There was a man once, who thought he was the dogs bollocks of the village. He thought he was practically God. He thought all the women wanted to sleep with him because he was the only one who could truly satisfy them. Their husbands where weak and feeble. He felt he should be the leader […]