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There was once a time when all mankind was determined to survive despite the harsh weather. The constant barrage of storms, hot and cold temperatures and ferocious winds.

Volcanos erupting all over the world and tsunamis. But despite this harsh weather, it was also normal. They did not get frustrated with the weather as we do now.

They just dealt with it. It was just the world they lived in. In today’s world, anything less than perfect is a problem. We constantly want perfect weather and complain when it is not.

When we are more resilient to changes around us, then we are more creative. When we complain less about what is going on around us.

We have the time and energy to create what we do want. We can even create good weather. The weather is a reflection of the turmoil on earth.

If there are wars and battles. If there is a lot of anger and hate and low vibrational energy then the earth’s weather reflects this.

This is because everything is connected in the world. The entire ecosystem is effected by energy. The more we fight and complain.

The more we live in a state of hatefulness, anger and frustration. The more of this will reflect in the world we live in. We create it all.

If we are in a low vibrational mood and we have to drive somewhere. We are probably going to have a horrible drive. Other drivers will cut us up, pull out in front of us and so on.

The reality is that this is all a lesson to be more aware of what we are creating for ourselves. Someone drives really slowly in front of you. You get frustrated and angry.

They are deliberating trying to ruin your day. But they are not. They are teaching you that you need to slow down in your life. You are rushing around too much.

You are not living, just rushing from one thing to the next. Not fully experiencing and appreciating what you are doing in your life.

You are not present. For it is when you are in presence that you have a full life experience. You can taste every little thing you eat.

You can see the beauty everywhere you look. You can feel the presence of nature. You can watch a little bird, flying around, looking for food. Chasing their mate through the bushes.

Singing loudly. You notice the beauty of trees and leaves and bushes. The beauty of a gushing stream, endlessly flowing.

Most of all, when you are present, others notice that you are there, noticing them, listening to them.

You have a deeper and more fulfilling conversation with whomever you meet. Because you are fully present and authentic. Not distracted by other thoughts flying around your head.

When we are present, we experience life in a different way. We feel loved in a different way. We can feel it expanding our heart.

We are ruled by what is in front of us rather than by our thoughts and feelings rushing around in our head. We are not a victim.

We are not frustrated or angry about something that in reality does not affect us. Something happening on the other side of the world that we cannot change.

We are focused on what is right in front of us. We are focused on raising our vibration and frequency to the highest we can imagine. We are calm and peaceful and loving.

It is in this state that we can be the best version of ourselves and fully experience life as it is meant to be. Real and authentic.

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