Climbing The Mountain

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You are in a constant battle between low vibrational and high vibrational energy. In low vibration, you are a victim. Life is happening to you. You are not in control.

In high vibrational / frequency of energy, you are a creator. You are in control and you are creating what you love in your life. You are taking responsibility for your actions and your thoughts and feelings.

You have the awareness to realise that you are having constant thoughts that are trying to sabotage you. But with this awareness, you are able to side step them.

Thank them and send them on their way. Floating down an imaginary river. This high vibrational energy serves your higher self.

You recognise drama and distraction and you chose not to engage. Be grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life.

No matter how small and insignificant you think they are. Remember, that there is always someone worse off than you in this world.

No matter what your circumstances are right now, you have the power to create your own life. Take responsibility for your own life and do not blame others for what you are creating for yourself.

There was once a wise man who lived on top of a mountain. He felt it was his duty to guard the mountain but he also wanted to live way above humanity and all the drama they create in their lives.

All their problems and the hustle and bustle and stress. Up on the mountain, his mind was clear. The air was fresh. He could sit all day and marvel at the beauty of nature.

The mountains and lakes below him. The eagles flying to-and-fro. Hunting and feeding their young.

One day, two young men, Robert and Angus decided to go and see the wise man at the top of the mountain. They had both been struggling in life and wanted some wisdom to help them.

They climbed up the steep mountain path, carrying gifts of food and drink for the wise man.

But when they eventually reached him, they complained how hard the climb was and how heavy their bag was. They would not notice the view because they were too busy focused on their hardship.

The wise man made then go back down, with the bag and do the climb again. The two men complained bitterly but understand there was no doubt a lesson in this somewhere.

And so, off they would go. Back down the mountain, with their heavy bag of food and wine. They turned around at the bottom and started the long climb back up again.

Others who had been sent back down in the past would simply go back to the village, complaining bitterly to their friends and neighbours that the wise man rejected them and that he probably wasn’t very wise at all.

But Robert and Angus choose to climb back up and face the wise man once more. They were exhausted as they climbed up the steep mountainside for the second time.

The bags had been digging into their shoulders and it was a relief to put it down. They stretched out and once more complained about how heavy the bag was and how steep the mountain was.

How long it had taken them to climb all the way back up again. The wise man told them once again to go back down and come back up.

Robert and Angus cursed and complained. They yelled at the wise man and asked why he was punishing them so much. But off they went, muttering and complaining.

The wise man smiled, wondering how many times they would have to climb down and up the mountain before they got the lesson.

Robert and Angus started the climb for the third time. Suddenly they realised they were suffering on purpose.

They were deliberately torturing themselves by walking up and down a mountain with a heavy bag.

And when they got all the way to the top, they were so focused on their suffering that they did not see the beauty of the mountain and everything below.

They did not see the eagles or the lakes or the forests that lay below them. They were trapped in being victims. Suffering and complaining.

It was when they realised this that they understood the lesson. They still had to climb the mountain but this time they had purpose.

They wanted to thank the wise man and give him the gifts they had brought him and they wanted to marvel in the beautiful view that awaited them.

They wanted to listen to what else the wise man had to tell them. They wanted to experience being on top of the world and above all the problems and drama of mankind.

Most of all, they realised that they were in control of their actions and their thoughts and feelings.

Their whole perspective changed when they changed the way they thought and felt. They stepped out of being a victim and stepped into being a creator.

Their whole lives changed simply because they had changed their perspective.

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