How do we find out true nature & purpose

The first step to finding out about our true nature and purpose is to get in touch with our intuition and subconscious. Our subconscious has all the answers. Once we are open minded enough to accept this and go exploring, we will find out so much more about ourselves.


We can listen out to nudges as to how to live our life. What we need to do next to truly fulfil our highest potential. We need a quiet mind in order to hear our subconscious. We need less noise by doing a meditation that stills our mind. We can then hear what comes up for us. We then do another meditation called land of plenty. In this land of plenty is everything our heart truly desires for ourselves. It’s what we really want. It could be that you will be amazing at writing books or writing songs. You may have a heart’s desire to run a huge global charity that helps people displaced by war or perhaps an animal sanctuary. The truth is that it is different for every individual.


Everyone has a different experience because we all have a different purpose. Once we have written down everything that comes to us in this state of mind where we are exploiting our land of plenty, we then break it down and see what themes are recurring. We pull out and build choices that are true for us. Only eight or nine. With these choices, we choose to focus on them. We choose these choices to be the life we create for ourselves. We choose to follow our intuition and listen to guidance as to what the next steps are. Without our choices, we are lost and ambling through life and hoping something amazing is going to happen. With choices, we have a hard plan to move forward. We have a destination in mind, we now need to get there. When we create what we love, there are no conditions, there is no seeking validation. We don’t have to get engagement from millions of people around the world. We just create and see what happens for us next. The choices we go for make us authentic, they are our truth. They are the real you.


Don’t get me wrong, it will not be easy as we all hate the unknown and we hate change. Our choices are probably going to be way out our comfort zone but that’s the whole point. We either stay where we are and play a small game or we put ourselves out there and really go after our best life with intense purpose. We think that playing small that we are safe but the reality is that we are not because we are not living our truth. We are pretending everything is fine when it is not. We pretend we are happy and fulfilled when we are not or perhaps we just accept that life is supposed to be full of suffering with splattering’s of happiness here and there.


Perhaps we believe that we are nothing special, life sucks and that’s just the way it is. But I challenge you to dare to believe that there is more in this world for you than simply surviving. I was a survivor for over forty years until I suddenly realised that I was responsible for everything that I had created so far in my life. And because I had created hardship and suffering, I was therefore able to create what I would love. An incredible partner who I have a deep connection with and we create together. A beautiful home in a beautiful location close to nature, a self-published novel and many other things that I am working on. Countless revelations of why you have been a certain way your whole life and how to be different and better from right now.


If you are anything like me then these things won’t happen overnight but I have a clear direction that I am going. I have a clear vision that I have seen and felt and touched as to where I am heading. The battle with our ego is ever lasting but with tools to deal with your resistance and an ego that doesn’t want anything to change and is scared of the unknown, the world is your oyster as they say. You can do anything and have anything you heart wants because it is your truth. The universe wants you to be happy and full of love. The universe did not put you on this earth to suffer, your purpose on this earth is not to suffer and struggle your way through. It is to thrive and be joyful and loving, to fully experience unconditional love. To have deeps connections with other beings. It is to be excited about what tomorrow will bring. It wants a big smile on your face as you embrace your vision of living your true nature and purpose.

Rules of the Universe

The universe has rules that apply to all planets and those that dwell upon them. The earth is a very tiny spec in the whole universe but the rules still apply to everyone and everything that lives here. What that means is that firstly, there limitlessness. The universes size and expansion is limitless. You can’t get to the edge of the universe because it simply continues forever and where every there is darkness, It is filled with new birth of stars and planets and galaxy’s and suns. They form new solar system constantly with massive bursts of energy. Stars die and stars get reborn, this is the way of the universe.

In the same way, humans, animals and all other organisms are born and they die and are reborn. Mostly, if they have had a good life then they are reborn on a different planet for there are many worlds within the universe. Indeed, because it is limitless. Another rule of the universe is that expansion and contraction. You are either expanding your consciousness, your imagination and your reality or you are contracting within yourself. Almost forming your very own black hole which always results in death of the body.

Once again, expansion and your imagination are limitless. You barely touch your ability to use your imagination. You think you are but the reality is, you’re at 1% if you’re lucky. You can imagine whatever you wish to imagine and create whatever you would love to create. If God created us just like him then by definition we are all Gods, capable of creating anything and everything.

If God is creating solar systems then so can we. We simply have to expand our imagination to the point that we can imagine ourselves creating our very own solar system and another earth just like the one we live on. We can create beauty and love and tranquility all around us. We can create unlimited resources and energy all around us. We can create money and wealth but that’s not actually the point because it does not come from a pure place. When enough is never enough as in the case with most humans when it comes to money then it is not pure, it is greed and therefore it cannot be created. However, when you create from a place of love and service then you will get all you can imagine.

Another rule of the universe is abundance. We have limitless abundance when we come from a clear and sustainable place. When we are greedy and want it all for ourselves then the rules have been broken and darkness will follow to make way for rebirth. You can cut down all the trees until there comes a time where it is time for a rebirth and then there will be harsh destruction followed by a beautiful spring and fresh growth once more.

The universe works in a way that is create ecosystems that look after themselves. It creates a solar system that functions all by itself. It creates an earth than functions and sustains itself. Again, when the rules are broken then the universe needs to take back control, it will destroy the organism that has taken over and then there will a rebirth of the ecosystem and it will be in balance once more.

Time is limitless. A second in the universe is many human lifetimes. Time is endless, whatever dies is reborn. Energy does not die, it simply transfers to another body and continues on, endlessly.

Another rule of the universe is that everything it creates is designed to thrive. Nothing it creates is meant to suffer. When it notices a human suffering, it will make life more difficult to make that human change their ways for the better. When this doesn’t work, it makes something a little worse happen, again, to make the human change its ways and do something different because it currently not thriving. For a third time, it will make something even worse and often the human will now change. This is why humans often say that bad things comes in threes. They don’t actually come in threes but it takes three messages until the human understands the message and makes the desired change.