Are we ready for a New Zimbabwe?

I understand that people are concerned as to what is going to happen now Mugabe has finally been ousted but I still sense an underlying feeling of better the devil we knew than a new unknown President that could be worse. I do find it incredulous.
There was this feeling for many years but surely, since the economy started going down the toilet 18 years ago, our fellow countrymen lost their farms and family’s have had to split apart and move to different parts of the world. Our countrymen have been tortured, starved, beaten, killed. We have been unable to buy basic goods in the shop at times. Our currency became worthless. The list goes on and is beyond measure and comprehension. 
Everyone fears change but it is inevitable. Mugabe was going to die in the near future anyway. Do we really think things are going to be worse? They would definitely be worse if Grace got into power as she is the real devil but this isn’t going to happen.
The most important thing is that as Zimbabweans we must not let this happen to our country again. We need to stand up before it is too late. We need to fight before it is too late. We need to learn our lesson before it is too late. Do we understand this? Are we willing to not let the next person destroy what little is left of our beautiful country? Are we going to ensure another evil dictator does not rule for the next 37 years? What will we do if it looks like it will happen again?
I know a lot of people tried to fight and I know we appreciate their efforts and courage. But what will we do different this time? We have lived in fear for so long. What is going to change now?
As Zimbabweans, we are a fiercely proud nation. We are not black and white, we are Zimbabweans. We stand together. We love our country. We love our people.
I have to admit that I am angry that Mugabe has gone now. I am angry the military finally took charge now. This should have happened 10 years ago. Why did they not stand up 10 years ago? How many Zimbabweans have suffered and died in the last 10 years? I know my parents are having a hard time. I know it is no picnic living in Zimbabwe. The truth is that faced with Mugabe’s replacement being Grace, enough was enough. But why was enough not enough 10 years ago?
Secretly I have always been prepared to be the President of Zimbabwe. And while a lot of you may find this laughable, it is purely out of love of my people and wanting to lead such a proud nation that does not deserve the suffering it has been through for so many years. It sure isn’t for money or wealth as there is none.
Zimbabweans have stood together as oppressed, now we must stand together and make sure we learn from our mistakes and look after our fellow Zimbabweans. I am so proud of our nation, I have always been proud to be second generation Zimbabwean. I want our country to once gain become the bread basket of Africa.