Thnuk’s Wisdom

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The war is going our way but we continue to need your support and high vibration and frequency of love being sent into the universe.

This is instrumental to our success in this war. I am Thanuk and what you would call the colonel in charge of this war. We are fighting to save earth but we still need your continued help.

It is the awareness of dark thoughts and feelings that our enemies use to attack you and us. It is these moments of anger and frustration which is their strongest power.

If you give into these false thoughts and feelings then your vibration and frequency lowers and they gain strength and power. They start to edge forward.

The more people that live their lives complaining and being ruled by dark thoughts. The more people that live in this low vibrational way of being.

The harder it is for us to fight for you. This struggle for power call comes down to frequencies. We are the higher and they are the lower.

We need you to be aware of what is going on in your own head. What state are in you in right now. Are you being a victim and being negative. Or are you hopeful and joyful and happy.

Excited about finding solutions to any problems thrown your way in life. Do not complain and do not be a victim. Always seek the lesson in any seemingly bad situation.

Create a win win solution for everyone. It is in this vibration that everything  functions much better for everyone.

When mankind is seeking solutions for problems rather than feeling powerless and feeling sorry for themselves. We are all connected so how you feel affects everyone else around you.

When you walk into a room with high vibrational energy, everyone is instantly uplifted. They feel better and happier.

By doing this simple task for us, you greatly serve your whole species. The more beings that are operating at a high frequency, the stronger we become.

We can fight for you and for your earth. Remember, when something happens that annoys you, you have a choice. You can let it wash over you and float away into the darkness.

Or you can let it consume you and change your course of action. It can lead you down the path of being a victim and complaining bitterly.

You then collude with others and they join in complaining with you. Then you start complaining about more things going wrong in your life.

Your vibration of all of you lowers. You all feel bad and sorry for yourselves. You feel the world is against you. You feel powerless. You feel sad and unhappy.

And all because you gave power to a single negative thought that you could have let go of. See the power in letting go of complaining and negativity.

Don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole for no good will come from it. Seek love in every situation. Send love to those they have harmed you or annoyed you.

This is your secret weapon to resolving conflict. Try it and you will see. Remember the one thing I always tell you. Your focus creates your reality.

The more you complain about something, the more things you will get to complain about.

It is because you are focused on complaining and so your subconscious believes that this is what you want. And so, it creates more of it for you.

Choose instead to focus on what you do want in your life. Focus on what you would love in your life. And you will get more of that instead.

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