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The problem is, that by many years of comfort and warmth, the human becomes lazy. Too lazy to work, too lazy to look after themselves and their health.

Too lazy to want to be the best version of themselves. Too lazy to want the best for others. To help and serve their community.

Laziness is a disease that destroys its human. It stops you living. It stops you wanting your best life. It makes you settle for mediocrity.

It robs you of an exciting future. It makes you think that everything is ok when it is not. It robs you of adventure and exploration of the unknown.

Both in the world you live in and your mind. To robs you of wondering what is possible in this world.

What is the most mind blowing experience that you can have during your whole life. It plonks you down on the sofa.

It distracts your mind with rubbish on TV. To entertain and dumb you down. To rob you of energy and life.

To make you believe that everything is great when in reality, you are barely existing. You can’t be bothered to exercise. To eat healthy and feel better.

Instead you eat bad food and drink too much alcohol. You may take drugs to make yourself feel better but all of this just makes you feel worse.

You wake up with a headache and you can’t be bothered to do anything so you lose another day of your life.

TV adverts brain wash you into believing you need to buy things that you do not. They treat you like you are stupid and they work.

You buy rubbish that keeps you poor. Rather than spending time reconnecting to yourself in nature.

Spending time to be kind to others. Being bothered to want to have a better life. To find and live out a life that embodies your highest potential.

A life where you live your best self. You spend your time improving your awareness, gratitude and love.

Being aware of when you are being a victim in your life and instead find creative solutions. Solutions where everyone wins.

Imagine living in a world where you embrace your superpower of love. You learn its power and how to use it. You see the difference that it makes in your life.

You teach others. You seek fulfilment and not immense wealth by any means necessary. You seek for you and your family to have a great human experience.

Not one where you are always stressed and shouting at each other. Not one where you are tolerating rather than thriving. You seek to live in your truth.

To step out your comfort zone constantly. To experience new things that help you grow as a person. To calm and tame the demons in your head.

To face adversity head on and come out the other side, stronger and more resilient than before. More loving and empathetic.

More understanding. Less resistant to change and less fearful of the unknown.

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