A day in the life of an Extraterrestrial

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In the world of extraterrestrials, their daily life consists largely of seeking different experiences. Some ETs create these experiences for others. It is how they work.

These experiences are all imagined. Whatever they can imagine, they can create for themselves and for others.

For example, they can experience cage fighting where the fighters will be whatever you wish to imagine them to be. A giant bear against a crocodile or a T-Rex. Or just a completely made up animal that they create in their imagination.

Their food that sustains them is essentially soul food. They get this from using their imagination and knowledge. They crave knowledge constantly.

They go to a university type place whenever they want to and listen to another being who shares knowledge with them. It may be about their history or how to extend their imaginations to another level.

They especially love to learn about other planets including earth. How we live our lives. How other extraterrestrials live their lives.

All this knowledge helps feed their imaginations which helps them create new experiences which uplift them.

It’s that feeling of being alive and excited that feeds them. They can imagine climbing a mountain like Everest. It is freezing cold and windy and a difficult climb.

They get to feel the whole experience and how tough it may be. They experience the danger.

Their roller coasters are a whole different level. You can just imagine creating the scariest, most dangerous roller coaster and theirs will be a 1000 times even more scary and dangerous and terrifying.

They actually live in similar houses as we do on earth. They have animals they conjure up. Again, any type of animal they wish to imagine they can create for themselves.

Their hearts which is their main organ is what needs its nourishment by interacting with other’s hearts. They seek that warm fuzzy feeling of being loved and cared for and safe.

They do sleep as we do. They need to recharge for spending their day uplifting others by using their energy and love. Experiencing many different things every day.

Leaning and gaining knowledge of their world and many others. Using their imaginations constantly to create different experiences for themselves and others.

It is all very tiring work. It’s a very full and exciting life. But they do need to rest and recover., just as we do.

You can imagine, with a limitless imagination that it takes quite a bit of energy to constantly create these different experiences.

The same with food. They can still buy food and experience what it would taste like. They don’t actually eat anything but they experience what it would taste like if they did.

In this way, they experience many different types of food. That’s why they love coming to earth to see and experience what we eat. How it tastes. How it makes us feel.

That is what they are all about. That’s what they take back to their people and share that experience with them. All these shared experiences are very real.

It’s a bit like virtual reality but you can not only see but taste, feel hot and cold, feel rain and wind. Feel like you are there, having that experience.

Like watching a fight with the T-Rex and giant bear. You’re in the middle of the fight. You are dodging out the way of them.

You can feel their hot breathe and you get their spittle on your face when they roar. You get splashed with their blood. You can taste it.

You can feel their fear and anger and rage. And when one wins you can feel not only the victorious elation of the winner but the life ebbing away of the loser.

Their exhaustion and powerlessness as everything gets darker and quieter and goes still. Their heart slowing and finally stopping followed by darkness.

But in the same token, the victor feels invincible, elated and excited. Pumped up. You can experience walking through a forest, full of beautiful singing birds.

One comes and sits on your shoulder and sings loudly. Beautiful, bright colours. He’s calling for a mate. You feel his heart pumping with excitement and intrigue.

Searching, seeking and singing. Suddenly, he spots her sitting on a branch high up and he launches himself off your shoulder and flies up to meet her.

They live their lives with constant different experience like these. Creating them for themselves and for others. While we see them as something resembling a see-through bag with a big glowing heart.

They can see themselves however they wish. They may even take a human form, a beautiful women or a big fat guy wearing nothing but a small pair of dirty white pants.

They could walk around looking like a dinosaur or any other animal they create with their imagination. It just creates this really fun and exciting place to be.

They constantly learn and create and love one another. They seek to send love to each other and give and receive that feeling of being loved and cared for.

Just like us, they love to feel safe, especially after the universe’s scariest roller coaster ride. They love their life. They love constantly creating new and exciting experiences.

They love learning and gaining new knowledge of everything. They are kind and gentle.

There are also bullies with their big hearts, obsessed with getting more love and taking love from others. But they are soon put in their place. They are calmed down, sent love and empathy.

They would defend each other to the last. They would never run away and hide. They have no reason to be jealous or have resentment or hate for they can have whatever they wish.

They are sharing, caring and loving but brave and fearless at the same time. Their super power is exactly the same of ours.

They simply send out love to anyone who wishes them harm and it conquers all.

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