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Elephant Calf with badly snared left hind leg

KASESE GIRL/CALF ELE + OUR BELOVED CHOORI –  UPDATE  7/7/18  Trust Details At Bottom Of Email REMEMBER: When Driving or walking, Animals always have the right of way !!!! UPDATE ON KASESE GIRL – ELEPHANT CALF TREATED APRIL 2018 FOR EMBEDDED SNARE IN HER BACK LEFT LEG    See the updates – UPDATE 25/4/18 ON – […]

2 bystanders killed by Police sparking violence in Harare

A police officer allegedly shot and killed an innocent bystander after the police had been engaging in running battles with kombi drivers. Violence broke out in retaliation in the Harare central business district late yesterday evening (22nd of Feb 2018) The violence outbreak started when the police fired at a kombi that was near the Seke […]

Are we ready for a New Zimbabwe?

I understand that people are concerned as to what is going to happen now Mugabe has finally been ousted but I still sense an underlying feeling of better the devil we knew than a new unknown President that could be worse. I do find it incredulous.   There was this feeling for many years but […]

David Shepherd

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr David Shepherd, a much loved father and grandfather, an incredible artist and a true conservation hero. David has left an extraordinary legacy, which will continue to resonate in the work that we do at Game Rangers International-GRI. He founded the David Shepherd Wildlife […]

$40m lost to bank queues every month in Zimbabwe

$40m lost to bank queues every month as ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) fines gobble 76% of the withdrawn cash. About $40 million is lost every month as wages paid to unproductive workers who spend most of their time in bank queues as a result of the incessant cash shortages while most of the withdrawn money […]

Is it really all worth it?

I’m not scared of death because I know when I die all my problems stop. No more stress, no more problems. Win win. I also know that because I find life challenging the Universe will ensure that I live for a very, very long time! Sods law. You look at the big picture and have […]

Hyena Release Update – Kariba

MR BONES RELEASED 1 MARCH 2017 HYENA –  MR BONES – 3 WEEKS of confinement, care and fattening up !! See the KAWFT face book for video updates – the last few days videos still to be posted.   DAY 5 – 12/2/17 Skinny bean. Ate a kg of liver during the night ON HIS OWN, […]

Harare SPCA about to close?

The Harare SPCA will be unable to keep its doors open to the animals in need after December 2016. Everything in the power of the Volunteers, Council members and Management has been done to try and save the Society. Established in 1911, the Harare SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organisation in the country. The […]

Is Mugabe Dead?

Rumours are rife that Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has died. The Zimbabwean tyrant took off early from a key summit of African nations on Tuesday before flying to Singapore where the President has been before for medical treatment. However, the presidential jet made a sharp turn, rerouting for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as […]

We’ve captured Robert Mugabe

Harare – In one of the most unforgettable scenes witnessed in Zimbabwe this past week, an opposition protester struck the pose of a triumphant boxer, holding aloft a street sign emblazoned “Robert Mugabe Rd”. “We’ve captured Robert Mugabe,” screamed the protester, as if displaying a word championship title belt. The stone-throwing youths had just overpowered […]