There was a time, millions of years ago when earth was still evolving into a place that humans could one day be able to live.

That was very dangerous for all the creatures that lived in that time.

And yes, there was a species of human alive during those days as well.

Hiding and hunting the dinosaurs. But the biggest threat in those times was the instability of earth herself.

Her dramatic weather patterns and sudden changes in temperature. The volatility of thunderous storms and of course massive eruptions of deadly volcanos.

A world was slowly being created that would be more stable in the many years ahead.

You see, earth has always been a volatile place to live. And while in today’s time, things are a lot more stable, they are also forever changing.

This is down to the rapid expansion of the human population as well as the demise of many other species that kept the balance.

Everything is a finely tuned ecosystem. When one species begins to dominate and take over then every becomes out of balance.

Including the dominate species themselves. Things start to go wrong because there are so many of them.

They all fight for a rapidly dwindling space and resources. They squabble amongst themselves as they fight for dominance within their own species.

There is a turning point where the dominate species in any scenario begins to struggle themselves because they have become too dominate and because now the ecosystem is no longer in balance.

The dominate species begins to split into small sub sections and then these subsections fight for control and dominance over the others.

This continues for a long time. And now, instead of working with the power of many, their subsections fight against each other.

They do not strive to be better as a whole but just better than the other subsections.

And so this weakens them overall. They do not strive to be the best they can be, just slightly better than those next to them.

They do not strive to stand out and be the greatest , just slightly greater than those around them.

The key is that they do not thrive as they used to which made them dominate in the first place.

There is infighting and struggle. It is very difficult to stand out and be dominate with such vast numbers.

You can imagine, in Africa, if the lions outnumbered their prey. They would run out of food very quickly.

Perhaps they would start to find different food to eat but this would not make them as strong as it used to.

They would have to live in bigger groups which meant they would have to find more food.

They would not be unique anymore. They would fight amongst themselves as it is their nature to show who is the strongest.

The females only mate with the strongest, dominate males. This ensures the healthiest and strongest young to continue on the species.

If there is now too many males lions then none of them are dominate.

The females have to choose any male lion. And so gradually, the strong blood line that once existed slowly diminishes.

While, they still remain dominate due to their numbers, they are in reality becoming weaker.

They become lazy because others will bring the food into the pride so they don’t have to hunt as often.

The weak will get fed regardless. Worst of all, they get bored and so they have to find others ways to entertain themselves.

You see, the job of a lion is to protect its small pride. When it no longer needs protecting due to the large numbers of them, then he no longer has a purpose in life.

And so, he becomes weaker and wayward. He gets fat because he doesn’t have to run around and be strong anymore.

He slows down. He can barely do his other job and mate with the females. The females become disillusioned.

The big strong, dominate males that fought off all other contenders in order to mate with the females is a thing of the past.

Now she has to settle for any male lion. Weak, lazy and out of shape. Miserable because he has lost his purpose in life.

The point is that when a dominate species takes over. At some point there will be a big change.

They will become weaker as a species overall. Life will not be as it once was. The only way to make life exciting once more is to take control.

Individuals need to take control, get fit and strong and healthy once more. Go off by themselves and find their purpose.

Find excitement and joy and happiness. They will not find it living day to day amongst all the others.

There, they will just watch their life ebb away into nothingness. And when another species comes to take over their dominance, they will put up no resistance for they have grown weak, fat and disillusioned.

And suddenly, just as it was with the earth, millions of years ago. A big change happens and the dominate species vanishes without a trace.

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