What Choices Are You Making?

There is a way of being that is available to all of us. However, we all choose our own way of being.

We can be a victim in this gift of life that is proffered to us. We can feel resentful, confused and unhappy.

Or we can recognise what a gift life really is and understand that it is a game to be played.

There is understanding and skill required in order to play this game. And yes, there is a time limit which is different for each of us.

In this game we play, it is important to learn the lessons as we move along so that we don’t repeat them.

Repeating mistakes and repeating patterns of self-destruction really is a massive waste of precious time.

You are responsible for yourself and how you play the game. You are not responsible for others and how they play.

You can teach them and guide them but you cannot do more than that. It is up to each individual to make their own choices and take their own actions.

I can tell you that there is a better way to play the game. That there is a lot more available to you than you can imagine.

And that there are forces in this world that are unseen and yet powerful beyond comprehension. It is not possible to be the only species and planet in a vast, limitless universe.

In fact, it is arrogant for humans to even believe this in the first place. Your ancients that used to dwell upon this earth many thousands of years ago.

Before the ice age. Had a lot more knowledge about their plant than you do now. You have withdrawn from your earth and her power and knowledge.

You seek distraction and you seek instant validation and wealth beyond anything than you could actually spend in ten lifetimes.

You become obsessed over small things which do not serve you.

You cause upset and unhappiness to those around you and when confronted, you become a victim of your own choices and decisions.

You do not take responsibility for these choices and decisions you make.

You struggle to say sorry. You struggle to raise your vibration to one of powerful love in the understanding that it changes everything around you.

For in this vibration of love, everything is ok. Like your Russian friends say about Vodka.

It is so easy and instant to access this power and change your state. In a low vibration, you are a victim of circumstance.

You dwell in your past memories and you torment yourself by your past decisions, actions and choices.

Remember that your past is complete. It is over. The only thing to take from your past is the lessons so that you can play the game better moving forwards.

Living in presence and in the moment is very empowering to humans.

For it is in this state that you are aware of what is going on. You are consciously making decisions about what to do next.

You may still choose to do nothing or to distract yourself with TV, drugs, alcohol and so on but it is a conscious choice and action.

As opposed to doing everything you can to not even think. To just act like a zombie moving through your life.

Squandering your gift of life and what is available to you. Remember, every single one of you has a genius.

A skill you were sent to earth to serve humanity with. A gift that you will do good for others and in return receive abundance of love, gratitude, money, joy and happiness.

In seeking out this genius of yours, you will lead a more fulfilling live. There is no better feeling than being fulfilled.

All the money in the world will not bring you fulfilment. Creating a life you love will.

Doing things you love to do which do not harm others but brings them joy.

Doing things you love that do not have conditions attached to them. They come from a pure place.

Not from a place of seeking validation for example. Make conscious choices and take action on doing things you love doing.

Build or repair something with your hands rather than binge watching a TV show.

You will never be fulfilled because you watched TV all weekend.

Look after your house and take responsibility for your health.

All these little things make a difference to living a life that fulfils you.

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