In yesteryear there was a time when all men had to go to war. They did not understand why they had to go to war apart from they were tricked into believing that they were saving their country.

They had the opportunity to become heroes and would be worshipped by their country for the rest of their lives.

They would be treated like kings and want for nothing. The reality was, they were more likely to be sent to their deaths.

And for some, that was better than when they came back injured and broken.

They were not treated as heroes or kings as they were promised. But they were abandoned and rejected.

They were looked upon disdainfully for the atrocities they were made to cause in another part of the world.

They had killed innocent citizens. Apparently, they had murdered women and children.

No, they did not get what they were promised. They were indeed just pawns for a rich man’s game of power and wealth.

Indeed, in some instances, they were sent to fight and die for many years in a foreign country and then in a blink of an eye, everything went back to as it was as if it had never happened.

Leaving behind death, destruction and trauma. The rich and powerful men had finished their game of truth and dare.

Maybe they had won or maybe they had lost. But all wars could have been prevented by the swift death of a single man.

For it is a single man that begins the path of war. It is his own ego and shadow monster that fights within him.

It is by losing the battle within himself that causes external war and destruction and a low vibration of energy that spreads throughout the world.

It is a single man that causes immense pain and suffering because another man or women will not stand up to him and give him love.

It is for when he operates from this lack of love, that hate and anger wins the day and the rest creates a terrible history for mankind.

We choose to be inspired by the wrong humans who are coming from an impure place.

They are coming from a place of pain and suffering in their own life which they wish to project on to others.

This is why it is so important to be aware of your own vibration of energy in this moment right now.

For when you are in a low vibration, you create nothing but pain and misery.

When you are in a high vibration and fueled by love then you create magic all around you.

You create happiness and joy and success and fulfilment. You all have a choice in any moment how you react to life around you.

How you react to curved balls thrown your way. And above all, it is you who needs to take responsibility for your own actions and reactions.

It is also important to see the consequences of not taking any action at all.

And when one man or women is allowed to be ruled by their shadow monster and no one around them does nothing to help or does not change that person’s vibration by sending them love.

Then a war begins and the consequences are far reaching and devastating also because one simple action was not taken in the beginning.

Imagine in this moment right now, what small action you are not taking in your own life and what far reaching consequences this is likely to cause for you and others around you.

Everything is a choice and sometimes it takes sacrifice in keep the peace and to create love in a world that can be turned so quickly and easily to a dark place.

Love and hate are on a knife edge, either can win at any moment. It takes will and your own power to choose which shall win in the moment.

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