Creating your own reality

There was a man once, who thought he was the dogs bollocks of the village. He thought he was practically God.

He thought all the women wanted to sleep with him because he was the only one who could truly satisfy them.

Their husbands where weak and feeble. He felt he should be the leader of the village and that everyone else should worship him and tell him how great he is.

But he was not that great. In fact, he was disfigured and quite ugly.

But in order to combat his reality, he create the illusion for himself that he was the man of the village.

Even though none of the women wanted him at all, in his mind he created that they all loved and wanted him between their legs.

He created the illusion that all the other men were jealous of him. They wanted to be him.

They wanted his strength and good looks. They wanted his confidence.

They would all speak about how great he was behind his back when they went drinking.

And by creating this illusion for himself, he was happy and content. He went about his daily business with a happy smile and joy in his heart.

He was always cheerful to others when he saw them in the street.

Everyone met his enthusiasm as they felt sorry for him that he was so disfigured and ugly.

But, by creating this illusion for himself, the man had created happiness and he spread this joy and happiness with all the others that he came into contact with.

The village began to realise that here was a man who was nothing to look at but actually, he was very happy.

They realised that often they were not happy but they did not have the same excuses as this man.

They were not ugly, they had a beautiful wife or handsome husband and children.

They had the gift of life. They began to realise how this man, when they met him in the street would uplift them instantly with his smile and love.

They appreciated him. And they began to realise that they did not feel sorry for him at all.

They were almost jealous of him because he was always happy regardless of his circumstances.

They began to love him and respect him. And soon, they did not see his disfigurement but they just saw his love of life.

And in this way, the man’s illusion that he had created for himself became reality.

He did find a woman who loved him for his soul and not his looks. He did have beautiful children and a happy, loving family.

The man had been tormented as a young boy for his looks but he had created a different reality for himself and that reality came to bare.

He was fully accepted into the village, he spread joy and happiness and love to everyone he met.

He did become the dogs bollocks of the village and while all the women may not quite have desired him as much as he imagined, they did love his company and the way he made them feel.

So, the lesson is, create whatever beautiful life you would love for yourself. You have the power to make it real.


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