A Short Parable

There is a parable about a young man who used to worship God every morning as soon as he woke up.

He wouldn’t do anything until he had prayed and given thanks to God.

One evening he got very drunk and got into a fight at the bar. The next day, he was very banged up and sore and his head felt like it was about to explode.

As he lay there, trying to wake up, every part of his body hurting beyond belief.

He remembered that his first thing to do was to pray and give thanks to God.

However, today he did not feel so thankful. Today, he would not be able to pull himself out of bed and kneel next to his bed.

He lay there deep in thought, considering his options. Wondering if God would give him a day off due to his injuries.

Wondering indeed if there was even a God if he was in so much pain and suffering.

Suddenly the voice of God came through to him and spoke to him in a gentle voice.

Who commanded you to drink way beyond your normal limits. The man was silent for a minute and then replied to the unseen voice.

No one. Who commanded you to get into the fight. Again, the man replied, no one.

So whose fault is it that you are now lying here in pain and suffering. The man hesitated, not liking this bitter truth. “My own”, he said miserably.

So you wish to lie in bed and not carry out your responsibilities for the day because of something that you did to yourself.

The man hesitated once again before replying, “Yes”.

And so now, replied God, I must suffer because you will not pray to me on this day and your family must suffer because you will not carry out your responsibilities because of something you did to yourself.

Again, the man said yes. Now getting used to this line of supposed abuse on him.

God continued, so why must everyone else suffer because of your actions.

The best thing you can do, in this state that you caused yourself is to ensure that those around you do not suffer along with you.

So get up and pray to me, and then go and carry out your normal responsibilities to your family.

As you go through the day and you feel in pain with your body and your head.

Remember that you have caused your own pain. But remember also, that you took responsibility for your actions and despite all the pain you are in, you still did what you needed to do.

So you can take solace in this and you can heed the lesson which has been taught to you.

And next time, if something similar to this happens again and it is not your fault.

Still get up and pray to me and still carry out your responsibilities.

For this will make you dependable and responsible, regardless of your circumstances.

You will be the rock that your wife and family needs in this world.

They will see your dedication and that will inspire them and it will inspire others.

And sometimes, that may be your role in this world. To be responsible and to inspire others.

To show them that your strength comes from within. That you will do what needs to be done, regardless of what is happening in your own life.

Be that person that inspires others, because it is not just about you and your suffering.

It is about the message that you are giving to others.

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