I am Thanuk. Nice to see you again today. Slowly but surely the war is changing. It ebbs and flows.

We have good days and bad days but I think this will carry on for a while.

The other side is trying all the dirty tactics. There is a lot at stake including saving earth and humanity or not.

We are fighting for you and your species. Your beautiful world. Your ecosystems, animals, insects and birds.

They want it for themselves. They have been watching you for many thousands of years and they see the destruction you cause on your own planet.

They see you squander your lives and the health of your planet for the few to gain wealth and power.

They feel you don’t deserve it and so they want it for themselves.

They know they will thrive here and see earth for the incredible gift of life that she is.

But we are fighting for you. We need you to continue to embrace your super power of love and send this into the universe.

Send love to strangers. All of these small acts of love and kindness raise the whole vibration of the planet.

In a vibration of love, the earth will be untouchable but currently, there is so much anger and hate in your world that this is proving to be difficult at times.

There are many loving families but there are also societies and cultures where they take advantage of others constantly.

They make their lives miserable and unhappy. They turn young thriving humans into traumatised victims.

They go from a young innocent child into a teenager and young adult struggling to work out life and how to survive.

Struggling to understand the world they live in. they have no purpose or direction.

Just memories of trauma. And this is how they live their lives, reacting to what is going on around them.

Lashing out at others and often causing the same pain to others that was caused to them.

Often to their very own loved ones. But there are places of immense love which counteract these beings that live their life of trauma, hate and anger.

Your leaders are weak and confused. They are not in control.

They are too focused on keeping their power than being good leaders and doing what is good for their country or world in general.

They live in fear of losing what they have. They live in fear of being normal like the very people they are supposed to be leading.

They think they are special but the reality is that you are all made equal.

You all have the same abilities. You all of have a heart and are capable of deep love and empathy.

You were all designed to thrive and be happy and joyful and experience abundance.

When something is out of balance then the human cannot experience joy and happiness and fulfilment.

Very little humans operate in the moment. They live in the memories of their past or fear or even excitement of the future.

But they never fulfil their potential because they are not living in the moment.

They are not taking the required action to achieve their goals. They allow their mind to take control and steer them off course.

They blame others and the world for their plight instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

Instead of opening their heart. Nature is your source and will ground you.

It will destress you and put you in the moment. So, my message to seek to operate from your heart.

Do what you love doing. Even if it is one little thing a day that brings you joy.

It could be as simple as hugging your dog or cat for ten minutes. All of these little actions will feed your heart and open it a little more.

Open it to accept more love, to be stronger, to give love. Your heart is like your brain, it is not used to its full potential.

It has so much more to offer you. It is the most powerful part of you.

This is why the ancients would rip out the hearts of others because they thought it gave them more power.

But the heart, like the brain is tied to its host and beats only for them.

It beats for it’s human. It is their power source and yet is only used a fraction of its power.

Like driving a super car on a bumpy, gravel road. So, give your heart a smooth motorway and open her up.

Play and see what you can achieve by coming from a place of love with everything that you do.

Remind yourself in every situation, send love, love is my superpower.

Always choose love over anger, hate or frustration with another.

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