Man seeks immortality and yet he wastes time every day filling his mind with meaningless junk from his prised distractions.

Phones, TV, social media, alcohol and sometimes drugs.

Why would you seek immortality when you can’t survive a single day with your own thoughts.

In fact, can you survive a single hour. What is the purpose of living forever when you have to spend so much effort in distraction and to escape the very life you seek to last forever.

Even some, in pain every day. Suffering and struggling are scared of death.

Surely death will end all your suffering. The truth is, you are scared of the unknown.

Scared of the darkness. Scared of being alone in death. But this is not the way.

Death is just a new beginning.

Often, the beginning of a whole new life on earth to give you another chance at playing the game of being human.

Of seeing if this time, you can play a bigger game and understand the point of the game is to thrive and have fun and enjoy the experience.

You don’t play a game in order to suffer and endure pain. What is the point.

No, the point is to have an amazing human experience. To experience new things, excitement.

To embrace fear and the unknown. To seek and create things you only dreamed of but never expected to have the power to create in your life.

To travel your whole planet and see different versions of reality all around it.

To experience love. To understand that as a human, your superpower is love and you can use it to do magical things.

To realise that you live upon a tiny spec in a limitless universe. To understand that you are not the only species in the universe.

To understand that your earth has seen many great civilisations, now long gone and disappeared forever.

To realise how little you truly know about your world, it’s history and the universe.

You look at a grain of sand and think you understand everything.

You ignore the rest of the grains of sand that have even more to offer than beyond your wildest imaginations.

There is so much for you to learn, so many problems that need solving in the world.

So many ways that you can serve your species and yet, you live in distraction, trying to escape what is real in life and yet hoping to live forever.

There are so many experiences and so many levels to this game of life that you don’t even know about, let alone try and play for.

You see yourself as incapable, unworthy, un-validated and so on and yet your life in itself it a miracle. Your complex body, your planet and your universe.

The animals, insects, spiders and birds. Nature in all her raw beauty. Everything is one incredible gift to you.

And you not only squander it and try and find a way to let us pass you by but you want it to last forever as well.

It’s like living under a rock, happy and content. Nothing changing. Fearing what lies beyond your rock.

Sometimes, unhappy under your rock and yet still fearful of what lies in the unknown.

Imagining that everything is bad rather than that everything is exciting and an adventure and a game.

Just another level of the game for you to explore and experience. Life is a game and a gift.

Do not spend your life on level one. Do not enjoy the fruits of other people’s genius.

Find your own genius and create your own life. Play your own game.

No one is stopping you but yourself. Your own fear and resistance. Really, when you really think about it, most of the time you actually have nothing to lose but a huge amount to gain.

So go wild, explore, experience, work hard and play harder. Don’t live in distraction.

Embrace what real life is all about. Embrace fear. Embrace the game of life.

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