There is a thought process that humans have that relates to them trying to be successful.

There is a constant strive and battle to get as much money as possible.

For they believe that it is with money that they can then do whatever they want.

They think that with money they then have freedom. They can retire from working, they can travel the world.

They can buy anything their heart desires. The problem with this thought process is that it overrides what your heart truly desires.

What happens is that money and the desperate need for money overrides your other emotions.

It consumes you and you either work very hard or even do things untoward in order to get it.

If you look at the big picture of this in play. You will notice how many people end up not living their life at all.

They struggle and suffer in order to try and obtain money by any means necessary.

More importantly, they cause misery and suffering in order to obtain vast sums of money.

If they are good at this endeavor, then they may end up with millions of dollars or other currency in the bank.

The problem is that firstly, enough is never enough. They never say, ok, I am going to get to 1 million or 3 million or 10 million and stop.

Then I am going to change my life, my thought processes completely and go off and do something different.

It is extremely rare for this to happen. When people become obsessed with money then the money controls them.

They do not have a joyful and easy process in order to get it and so money actually starts to represent pain and hardship in their life.

They begin to despise money and yet, they still can’t stop themselves chasing after it relentlessly.

They end up being old, with lots of money but exhausted and sick. They never really get to spend and enjoy the freedom of money that they hoped it would bring them.

Money has corrupted them and left them as a shell of their former self.

Or perhaps they spent their life chasing money in order to fulfil their dreams and hopes but they didn’t make it.

Now they are in the position of also being old, tired and exhausted but without money.

They have spent their life in the pursuit of money but money won the game.

They may have received a lot of money but then lost it all. Or they may end up with lots of money but then end up in jail because they did it illegally.

Now, they have the exact thing that they always feared. Not having freedom.

There are so many different examples of this around the world.

There are also many examples of people who spend their life chasing money and actually have a lot of money but they also live in fear.

Fear of losing it, fear of someone else killing them to get their money. Money is all consuming.

The reality is that in order to really get money and enjoy it is to find a process that you love doing.

Find a way to work and get money that serves your heart and serves humanity.

This is the best way. It comes from a pure place. You are not chasing an ever increasing amount of money to get something else.

You are simply going after what your heart would love you to do every day and getting paid for it.

In this way, you will be fulfilled and content and also open to getting a lot of different sources of abundance like love and time and joy and freedom.

How many people chase money, get lots of it but in that process they completely missed out on their family time.

Their children growing up. Spending time with their loving partner which has now turned into a stale, distant relationship.

There is so much more to life than money. And while money is indeed important to have a quality of life you desire, it is not the only thing.

Everything needs to be in balance. Money should be part of your plan but not your only, all-consuming plan for life.

The message is to follow your heart and get paid for doing what you love doing. In this way, you will lead a more fulfilling life.

You will find your purpose in life, you will serve you species rather than steal from it.

You will serve yourself and bring joy to yourself and your loved ones.

You will spread and bring love into the world rather than people despising you for what you have.

Ready to take what is yours at any point. Do not make money your primary goal.

Chase a fulfilling, purpose led life and the abundance of wealth and other things, like love, deep connections, joy, happiness, fulfilment will all be yours.

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