Do you have a shadow monster?

In the moonlight of a dark night. There lies in wait a man who seeks to harm you.

However, as he waits, he is tormented by what he feels he needs to do.

He feels he has no other option but to harm another to get what he needs.

You see, he is being controlled by his shadow monster. His shadow monster is ruling his life. It is running the show.

Understanding when your shadow monster is in control can be extremely valuable because it is in the moments that it is in control, when you lose control and things in your life go horribly sideways.

It may be a violent or aggressive outburst. It may be road rage.

It may be that point where you start shouting and screaming at someone who is frustrating you.

You allow the shadow monster to come out and take control of the situation, and it does.

It cause chaos and havoc and if you are not careful and aware and awake, it will do a whole lot worse.

It can change the course of your life. You see there is a shadow monster that lives within each of us.

It is a victim and it loves to lash out at injustice going on around it. It loves to use anger to get what it wants.

It loves to bully others and intimidate them. It loves to get its own way by any means necessary.

It loves to throw it’s toys out the cot and have a strop.

By being aware of when your shadow monster is taking over a situation will allow you to stop and pull back.

Understand that nothing good ever comes from relinquishing control to your shadow monster.

It acts like a spoilt child and a brat. There is one thing that will subdue your shadow monster and send it back to the dark shadows where it is meant to live.

And that is love. In any situation where your shadow monster wants to come out and play its nasty game, remember to raise your vibration to your highest self.

Remember that love is your superpower. Love conquers all. When someone has wronged you, someone hates you, someone wishes you harm and you respond by sending them love.

The situation is defused instantly. Love is stronger than hate. It is like water to fire.

And you only have to imagine sending love. There is nothing more to do than that.

Imagine sending love to whoever your shadow monster wishes to attack. Your shadow monster will shrink away, for it cannot survive in an environment filled with love.

And for the person you send love to, they will be confused for their anger and aggression will suddenly dissipate.

When you feel yourself getting angry, you feel your frustration rising and boiling up. Take a moment to recognise where you are.

Take a moment to instead of lashing out and allowing your shadow monster to take control, to instead feel love.

Feel empathy and compassion. It is within this moment that you evolve as a human being.

You become better at managing difficult situations and conflict. This alone will help you lead a happier life.

You will create less trauma in your life and for others that come into contact with you.

You will be in control of your life and you will create a life you want rather than being controlled and having to navigate the consequences of your shadow monsters actions.

When you feel it trying to rise up, think of something beautiful like a waterfall.

Remember a beautiful moment in nature or with a loved one. Then engage your heart.

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