Understanding the game of life

In the cycle of life on earth, there are things that happen that most cultures of humans do not understand.

One of those is birth and death. We celebrate birth but are often torn apart by death.

Death is never the end. It is simply a new beginning.

And while it is normal and fine to miss someone who has died, the reality is they continue their life in a different realm.

They are often reborn back onto earth if they wish or they simply live this different life in another place.

There is nothing to fear about death. It is simply the end of your current human experience. It has no more meaning than that.

While many people fear death and fear the death of their loved ones, every single creature is made up of energy.

This energy, be it in a human to give it’s body life or in a rabbit, a squirrel or an elephant. It is all the same process.

Even a tree that is hundreds or years old or an insect that is only a day old. They are both reborn and their energy continues its existence.

Or perhaps they advance into a different realm where they become a tree or an insect there.

Life is a continuous cycle. Energy never dies. Once the energy leaves it’s host body, the body is just an empty shell.

It has no further meaning or use. The life giving energy has moved on to its next destination.

This should be a joyful experience. A exciting journey of discovery and wonder as to what the next stage of the cycle will be for you.

The reality is that our life giving energy or our soul has lived many many thousands of years.

It has had many, many lives. All in different realms and in different guises.

I wish to explain this to you because often a death in a family or a loved one often has very detrimental effects on the humans that remain alive on earth.

By understanding that their loved one is simply on their next stage, their next cycle of life somewhere else.

Or reborn as a different person in a different part of the world in a different time.

It is sad for you that they are no longer by your side but they are not suffering.

They are not in pain. They are simply somewhere else having a different experience.

Of all the experiences and lives that our soul, our energy experiences, the human one is often the toughest for a lot of us.

It is very different to our others forms of life. It is very real, very raw and often dangerous to the host body.

Dealing with human emotions can be challenging.

Dealing with trauma as a young child and then navigating this throughout the rest of the human’s lifespan can be challenging and self-limiting.

I guess the reality is that it really is a bit of a game. A tough game but a game none the less.

One where you can learn to play and have fun or you can suffer and struggle through the game due to lack of skill and understanding.

Some may thrive during their human experience and be very successful and have an impact on human society overall.

Make massive changes to humanity. Others may simply slip through life, almost unnoticed, not making waves or changes.

Not getting involved fully into the game but trying to be safe and indeed, completely missing out on the human experience available to them.

Others play the game doing the wrong thing. Working countless hours in order to try and be successful but really just missing out on all the fun.

Others work out how the game is played. They understand that everything is a clever illusion.

It is a game that you have to play and navigate. Deal with adversity and come out the other side.

Use your brain and your intuition to navigate the game. Learn how money works and that getting it can be fun rather than hard work.

Buying lots of exciting toys and human stuff to enjoy the game even more.

But always understanding to be present, to enjoy the game, to understand that at any point the game may be over.

And that’s ok. It is nothing to fear. You just go off and play another game.

Or you may get to reset and play again. So, the lesson is to learn as much as you can about playing this game.

The goal is to have a great human experience and enjoy the game. To create whatever you would love to.

Whatever your imagination can come up with. And above all, love playing the game. Have fun and be excited. Don’t take anything too seriously.

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