How is your human experience?

In the hope of reaching as many people as possible with the information that I bring to you.

I would love it if you can share may words to your connections and friends and family.

There is a new way of being that is available to all of us. In this new way of being, we are all thriving and successful and happy and joyful.

We live in our genius and in this genius we are able to operate at our highest self.

It is within this highest self that we truly serve humanity and create a loving environment where we are all the same.

There are not rich and poor, there are not the few leaders taking everything for themselves while trying to satisfy their limiting belief systems.

In this new way of being, we are all equal. We all have abundance and more importantly, we are all using love as our superpower to drive our life.

We are constantly evolving, we are constantly growing and open to learning new things.

We do not live in a life of distraction like drinking and taking drugs and binge watching TV, social media, playing computer games in order to distract ourselves from the demons in our head and life in general.

We miss out on so much when we spend a life ruled by distraction. We are often being brain washed by what we watch on our screens.

Subconsciously being slowly destroyed internally and distracted. The earth is a natural place of nature.

There is so much abundance of beauty in this world of ours. There is so much to see.

There is so much to be consciously grateful for. We do not need to seek distraction, we should be seeking a fulfilling and beautiful life.

We should be seeking to have the best human experience we can.

We should not seek suffering and pain or seek to push our pain onto others. We should seek an abundance of everything that is beautiful in this world.

We should seek to be in our highest vibration at all times for it is within this vibration that that we are not tormented by little things that happen to us during the day.

They slide off our worrying minds like it never happened. We choose what we focus on because this is what creates our reality.

Everything is an illusion. Everything that happens to us in our life is what we have created.

We have to dream big, expanding our thinking and our imaginations and go after the biggest, most illustrious thing we can imagine creating in our life.

Something will bring us absolute joy and love. Something that will truly fulfil us and serve those around us and bring joy and happiness to them as well.

We always have to follow our heart. Our heart truly knows what will make us happy and bring us peace.

The more people in this world that live in their genius, the better the human experience will be for everyone in the world.

Just imagine, everyone working at their highest self. Present and concentrated when they do their work and providing an incredible experience to everyone else they come into contact with.

They provide a great service. It is unconditional.

Others can either respond and buy what they are providing and revel in having a beautiful experience in the process or they can chose to have a miserable experience with someone else who operates from a low vibration.

They make mistakes, they don’t care about what they do, they are not invested in providing a great experience to those they come into contact with.

This way, when others have a bad experience, then they get to complain and be a victim.

They get to collude with others and concretise the bad service they always get.

This becomes their focus in life and in this way, they develop a poor human experience for themselves and everyone they come into contact with.

There is so much more available to you in this world and a way of living our life. A way where you focus on achieving end results.

A way where you do not seek to be constantly distracted from living your life.

But you seek pure joy and happiness. You care and seek deep connections with those around you.

You seek to constantly be the best version of yourself, operating at your highest frequency.

Putting love as your primary vibration to deal with everything in your life.

This is truly your secret to a quiet mind and silencing those demons in your head that plague you in moments of silence. That plague you when you try to sleep.

Being in that vibration of love, sending love to anyone who you feel has wronged you in your life will bring you this peace.

Feel you heart expand, choose to love everyone you come into contact us.

Choose this new way of being in your life and the rewards will be way beyond your current imagination. The world is yours.

Find and embrace the beauty it offers to you. Seek to have a dancing heart. Seek purpose and fulfilment.

Seek to make your life easy and joyful. Seek to be healthy and fit and able.

Seek to give to others and bring joy to them. Seek to receive love and other forms of abundance that are on offer to you in this life.

Seek to have the best possible human experience you can in this lifetime.

Be aware of what you are focusing on in your life. This will create your reality and how you see the world every day.

Seek to be the best version of yourself, living in your highest vibration every day.

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