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In the spirit of loving everyone and everything around you.

I wish to share with you how in this vibration of love you can conquer your fears.

You see, as humans, you are fearful of both success and failure.

Imagine if a small bird like a Robin, was fearful of rejection when his whole purpose in life is to find a mate and reproduce in order to continue on his species.

If he was fearful of finding a mate of being good enough to build a suitable nest and so on then he would fail in his purpose on earth.

If his whole purpose was to thrive but he was fearful of thriving then he would simply cease to function.

If others picked up on his fear and joined him and colluded with him, i.e. agreed that indeed this fear was justified then it wouldn’t take long for their whole system to collapse.

The females would be wondering what on earth is going on. They need males to reproduce and bring up their young.

Teach them to fly, feed and thrive in their own right. When you introduce fear into this equation, it simply breaks down and before long, there will be no new generation of Robins.

For a start, there is limited time, they cannot breed in the winter because the chicks will die from cold.

They don’t have time to deal with their thoughts and feelings as they come into spring.

They have a job to do. In the same token, humans have all these beliefs that hold themselves back.

They go into fear mode and they stop creating their life. They become a victim.

They collude with others who confirm that they are indeed a victim. This is a low vibration of energy.

At the end of the day, everything is energy. At a high vibration of energy, you are operating from your highest self, you are thriving and being the best version of you.

In a low vibration, nothing works, there is pain, suffering and misery.

The irony is, it is all a choice of which vibration you choose to be in. awareness is key of how you are being and how you are acting and what vibration you are currently sitting in right now.

As soon as you are angry or hateful of another being or situation, your vibration drops.

You become a victim of your circumstances and then things happen to you.

You are not creating a life you would love to live. You are not in control.

Once again, the irony is that this is all a choice. You may sit back and look at your life and circumstances and wonder how any of it is great.

How can you possibly get what you would love when everything around you is so hard and difficult.

The answer is that by making a conscious decision to raise your vibration, to fill and expand your heart space.

This will immediately change how you feel in this moment right now.

As soon as you see yourself, not as a victim but as a creator then your circumstances will change. Negative self-talk.

Beating yourself up in your head. This all lowers your vibration and puts you in victim mode.

You feel sorry for yourself. You speak to others and share your plight and they agree and even try out plight you.

Their life is worse than yours. It becomes a competition to who is suffering the most.

You subconsciously begin to create even more misery for yourself so that you can win the competition the next time you speak to your friend.

You may have a car accident or an illness. When you understand that you are responsible for everything that you create in your life.

Especially all the shit. Then you can come to understand and realise that you can create a life you would love instead.

You move into a high vibration. You make a conscious choice to not create disaster or illness in your life.

Most importantly, you set the structure in your life to ensure these things do not happen to you.

Structure is the crucial thing to understand. It is the backbone. If you do not maintain your car and your tires are worn out and you have an accident.

You have created this because you did not create the structure of having a reliable and safe car.

You can’t manifest having a safe journey when the structure behind your manifestation has no integrity.

You jump into a car with slick, worn out tyres and expect to get to your destination without having an incident while it is pouring with rain.

You have to take responsibility for what you wish to create in your life. This means, don’t test the system by not taking responsibility for the whole process.

Don’t arrive at the airport without your passport and think they are magically going to let you board the plane.

And then become a victim and shout and scream because they won’t.

Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t eat junk food all the time and expect yourself to magically be fit and healthy.

You have to create the structure of being fit and healthy by eating good food and exercising consistently.

In fact, your body is literally a mirror image of your health structure.

Creating a life you would love involves taking the right actions to setup the structure to make it all possible.

Being aware of the fear that will try and hold you back, that will tell you that you are not worthy and incapable.

You are not good enough. There is no point in trying. All low vibration feelings and thoughts which are in reality not true.

Take action on setting up the structure and the rest will fall into place.

So now, you can go out there and choose to be in a low vibration and be a victim of whatever happens to you during the day.

Or, you can go out there and choose to have an amazing day, in a high vibration of love and creativity.

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