Take Control of Your Environment

I am Thanuk. I bring good news. The war is starting to go well for us.

It has taken many of you around the world to send love into the universe, but this is working and having a resounding effect.

Please keep doing this. It costs you nothing but raises your vibration, uses your super power and protects your world.

There are many beings out in the universe who wish to help earth develop and thrive into a new way of being.

There are new systems that we wish to teach you to make your civilisation more advanced as with others already out in the universe.

We need your leaders to listen and most importantly to change. To not lead out of fear and selfishness.

But to lead out of wanting everyone to thrive. To lead the strongest people, willing to work, willing to be in this new way of being.

Willing to take action. Willing to want to operate from their highest self.

Do not listen to the small and weak groups of humans who simply shout the loudest.

They are the distraction. They are there to take you off your course and to weaken your society.

They are there for themselves. They operate from a low vibration and from a victim state.

They want everyone else to work hard and give to them what they have not earned.

They want to cause suffering to others because they feel that they have suffered.

They feel they deserve to have everything handed to them without effort on their part.

So be careful who you listen to. Be careful what you entertain yourself with.

Do not be distracted with what goes on in your world that doesn’t serve you.

Be aware of the impact this false and weakening information has on your vibration.

Be aware of the weak who shout out of fear and regression. They do not serve humanity.

They serve only themselves. In your highest vibration of love, you are powerful.

Your goal is to thrive and to serve those around you to help them thrive. Never forget, that your superpower is love.

To be in balance with give and take. To give and receive. Great things will come to you when you are in this balance.

It is important to understand the power of this. It will serve you well and help you truly thrive like never before.

Do not get held back by your past. Take the lesson and move forward. Be aware of what falsehoods hold you back.

The stories you tell yourself which are simply made up from absorbing wrong information.

Take control of your environment. Read and learn and be open minded to a new way of living.

Of loving, serving, being joyful and happy and having fun along the way. The more you give free and unconditionally, the more you will receive in return.

There is no need to be in constant worry for having lack of something. Love, money, friends, deep connections.

Give more freely. Focus always on being in your high vibration. That place where you feel your heart is expanded.

That place where you are not effected by trivial matters. That place where you choose to be happy and friendly rather than withdrawn and fearful.

That place where you choose to love regardless of any perceived consequences.

Do not live in fear but live in excitement of what is possible. Dream and expand your imagination far beyond what you think is possible.

Dig deep into your subconscious and find what it has to offer you. All the answers are there, waiting for you to explore them and be open to receiving them.

A whole new, exciting world and life is just around the corner. You just have to be open to receiving the information and be open to taking action.

To be aware of distraction and how it takes you off your path.

To recognise when you sit, wasting your life away instead of going after what your heart would love you to create in your life.

Take control, listen to the nudges and your heart and take action. Be aware of your fear and resistance and take action anyway.

Most of the time, the worst that can happen is a simple no which has no meaning in reality apart from, ask someone else.

Keep moving forward and follow your heart. Never give up. Never lose faith in your own ability to create a life you would love.

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