What’s Available to You!

On this day, you ponder what is the purpose of your life in this world.

You wonder if there are good and evil forces to deal with. You look upon the world and you can choose to see love everywhere or hate and anger everywhere.

Do you see the beauty of nature or do you see the anguish of wars.

Do you think most people are bad or are most people good. Do you think the world is full of evil corporations and sex trafficking and drugs and maliciousness.

Of incompetent, self-serving leaders slowly destroying our planet. Always coming up with new ideas which actually make things worse rather than better for the earth.

Or do you focus on what is within your control. How can you make your life better for those around you.

How can you, as a single individual operate from your highest self and serve those closest to you.

How can you make those people that come into contact with you, have a better day because of you.

We can call it serving humanity but really, you only have to start with the few people that you come into contact with.

If enough people all do the same, then it will indeed serve humanity and your world.

If we can just stop and listen to the nudges and what is being asked of us, then we can lead a much more fulfilling and purpose led life.

When you do anything that is not based on any conditions, then it comes from a pure place.

You smile at a stranger as they walk past you and say hello. It takes no effort but just imagine that the person you smile at and say hello to is having a terrible day.

Things are going from bad to worse. They are living in a really low vibration. They are in their victim mode.

They may even be getting to a point where they want to end it all. And you come along and give them a big smile and hello.

This firstly acknowledges them. They feel seen. And secondly you raise both your vibrations straight away.

To a higher vibration of unconditional love. It has no meaning more than that.

A smile and hello does not mean you want to jump into bed with them.

It is simply an unconditional gesture which can has a resounding effect. Or it could have no effect at all, they could blank you completely.

But it doesn’t matter. Still smile and say hello to the next person because you may just turn their dark day into a bright one.

And really, you have nothing to lose. Moving forwards, living out your purpose in life will serve your community and ultimately humanity.

It is discovering your gifts and talents and taking action to live in that vibration.

That feeling of being fulfilled is as I have mentioned before like no other. It is deeply satisfying to a human being.

You feel useful, purposeful and most importantly you feel like you are making a difference to the world.

Do the work to discover your purpose. There are many meditations and modalities available to help you find this.

Ultimately, it comes down to tapping into your subconscious which has the answers for you.

It takes a bit of effort and will to completely change your life but considering it is the most important thing you can do, why wouldn’t you.

Why wouldn’t you want to discover, regardless of your age, the reason you are on this planet.

Why would you not wish to seek that sense of fulfilment and love. To operate from your highest self, to find and live in your genius.

To serve those around you for the greater good. What could be more important than that. To have better and more loving relationships with your partner and kids if you have any.

Even to have a more loving and deeper connection with your friends and family.

There is simply so much more on offer in this world than you realise. This is so much more love and joy.

We are trained and brain washed in our school system to only think a certain way which ultimately only serves the few and not humanity as a whole.

I cannot express just how much you could be missing out on.

And the amazing thing is, that everyone benefits and everyone wins the more people that live their life in this way.

That seek and find their purpose. That choose to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around them.

There is a new way of being available to you. You just have to choose to seek and find it and live it. Remember always that love is the secret.


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