The Secret to Managing Time

At the beginning of time, there was no time. There was just life in the moment.

Slowly but surely, mankind wanted to control time.

He felt if he controlled time then he could manipulate many other things in his world.

He felt he could get more out of life by controlling time. Perhaps slow it down or speed it up.

The truth and reality is that time is relentless. Regardless of what is going on in the world, it continues.

If you are healthy or sick or dying or being born, it’s all irrelevant to time.

But what it does do is take our focus away from the moment because we are always thinking about what time has passed and what we are going to do in the future.

On a Friday, we are excited for the weekend but on Sunday, we are already dreading Monday.

If we lived in the moment more then it wouldn’t matter what day it was.

We wouldn’t be panicking about what we have to do on Thursday or Friday when today is only Monday.

It skews our whole reality. We’re constantly thinking about another moment in time rather than this moment right now.

In this moment we can choose to feel love. We can choose to spread love out into the universe.

We can choose to feel happy and joyful.

We can realise that if we choose to, whatever happened to us in our child hood, or ten years ago or even yesterday is in our past.

If we choose to, it won’t affect this moment right now. We can choose how we react to meeting someone for the first time.

We can choose to smile at strangers as we walk past. We can choose to smile at the next stranger despite the fact the previous one ignored us.

We can essentially choose to live in our truth and be ourselves regardless of how others react to us.

Any negative incident that happens to us in our day is a chance to maintain our higher vibration and not let it sink down and ruin our entire day.

We’re driving along and someone almost crashes into us but we avoid it.

Do we get angry, do we now think that every other motorist on the road is an asshole.

Do we complain bitterly to our companion sat next to us for the next hour.

Do we complain to whoever we are going to meet. This is all a low vibration and we spread this low vibration around us.

We collude with others and we all agree that all motorists are assholes. Expect us of course.

Now imagine in the split second that the incident is over that it is forgotten. You continue your journey. You don’t even mention it to anyone.

You don’t let it affect your mood or vibration. It’s happened, it’s in the past. It’s irrelevant.

Imagine how you can deal with the many other small incidents that happen in your life in this way.

If you find yourself sinking into anger and collusion. If you find the incident playing over and over in your head.

You have a secret weapon. Rather than getting angry and fearful of what may have happened.

Rather than having multiple imaginary conversations with the unknown person who almost hit your car. Simply send them love.

They’re probably more freaked out than you. They’re probably suffering in some way and were distracted in the world of self-created turmoil which is why they nearly drove into you.

When you send them love, you maintain your higher vibration. You let go of anything you make up regarding the incident.

You send them good vibes to help them deal with their day. You send them love to help them in their life and dealing with their problems.

You get rid of any tension or aggravation. Because once you send love, there is nothing more to do.

Love will always conquer the situation and dissipate any negative energy around it.

The incident will have no energy and therefore no effect on your future self.

This is the best way to control your time. Managing your energy and always going for the highest vibration you can be in.

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