There are many other worlds that we are not aware of in existence.

The human arrogance is so intense that we honestly believe we are the only living beings in a limitless universe full of trillions of galaxies.

With our size being akin to a grain of sand on a massive beach, how is it possible that only one grain of sand can have life on it.

It is incongruent that only one can have life, rather than millions.

It is more impossible to believe that there are no other species in our universe other than our own.

And it is a wrong assumption to believe that every other species simply want to destroy us when firstly we are doing a great job of doing it to ourselves and that secondly they have clearly been educating us for thousands of years.

Our technology and advancements in civilisation do not come about by accident or chance.

They come from clear intention which starts from a message from someone somewhere to give the idea of what is possible.

How does a small tribe, thousands of years ago with apparently very little intelligence, suddenly decide that the other tribes they are constantly at war with are actually their friends.

That suddenly, they should all join together and form a stronger, more powerful tribe.

How do they suddenly form social structures of leaders, a council or elders and even religion.

How did they decide all of a sudden that there are Gods that we can pray to who will give us what we want.

Or who destroy us if we do not please them. Who on earth decided it was a great idea to start sacrificing animals and even humans in order to appease the Gods.

This doesn’t even touch on the megalithic structures in the world that the human being of today is incapable of creating unless they had technology available to them that does not exist anymore.

How did humans of 10 000 years ago survive an ice age for 800 years when in today’s world, we panic over small climate changes.

How did humans learn what plants where edible and delicious and those that were not and would kill us.

Was it simply trial and error or was there more to it than that. Which humans looked at a tree and suddenly decided that they could build a house with it.

They could cut them in a certain way to build specific structures.

They could weave sticks to form baskets and to form the wall of a house and then fill it with mud and other material to create a house that not only lasts hundreds of years but it actually better than today’s methods of building.

How did different tribes around the whole world come up with different ideas to build different types of houses.

And yet, at the same time, in a time where apparently, there was no travelling across the globe, there are pyramid type structures with striking similarities built thousands of years ago.

Was it simply someone’s imagination to create the first bank. Was money simply someone’s imagination.

Where does imagination come from. A message from another being in another world or from thin air.

There is so much which is unknown and yet there are so many advancements available to us if we just listen out for the messages.

If we are open to receiving guidance and advice from an unknown entity.

We think it is crazy and even stupid but the reality is, it is even more crazy and stupid to think all these ideas and technology came out of thin air.

You say that we became more intelligent over thousands of years of evolution but why would we.

Why have other animals not become more intelligent over thousands of years.

There is so much about our own world, we simply don’t understand but we are taught by others to just believe and to do what we are told.

In an ideal world, we would not think but just do what we are told because free thought creates problems for those in power.

They want us stupid and compliant. This is your choice but if you want a better way, then be open to listening to what is going on and the messages coming through to your subconscious.

There is gold and limitless abundance available to all of us but more importantly there is help and guidance on saving our earth.

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