Reality & Illusion

I want to tell you something about the world you live in.

Nothing is ever as it seems. How you think reality is, is simply a clever illusion.

When you consider that within every movie, lies a bit of truth.

When you consider that the movies come from imagination, often from someone’s highest self and genius.

Then start to wonder what the truth is in outlandish movies like the matrix for example. Everything is an illusion.

And because everything is an illusion, it means that we can manipulate it by our will.

It means that within this life and our human experience in this illusion we can create whatever we want to.

We are either in control or we are being controlled.

Consider the amount of incidents which affect our thoughts and feelings and yet in the grand scheme of things are simply aspects of the illusion of our reality.

Then we realise that these incidents which have now happened in our past have no relevance whatsoever in our future if we choose it to be so.

This means that if we can allow ourselves to let go of what happened to us yesterday then we truly get a fresh start today, regardless of our circumstances.

A three legged dog does not ponder why he only has three legs.

He does not feel sorry for himself and lie in bed all day, agonising of what happened and now his life is over.

No, he or she gets up every morning, just as excited as they were when they had 4 legs.

They still love their walks and adventures and their food. They love their cuddles and love.

They just adapt and move forward. Life is short, even shorter for a dog.

There is no time to mope around as to what happened to you, for then you will rapidly loose even more time.

There is so much love to give and receive. Come rain or shine, they all want to get out there for their doggie walk.

They want to experience their life to its fullest. Whatever reality or illusion has been presented to them, they wish to enjoy and love.

As humans we are in the unique position of being able to consciously create our reality and illusion if we choose to.

If we stop being a victim and think that life happens to us.

If we take responsibility and realise that everything is an illusion and that these thoughts and feelings that plague our mind are in reality just made up and not real.

They may feel very real but when you really start to question them, you will see they have no impact on you in this moment right now.

And all you really have is this moment and what you choose to do with it.

Nothing has any meaning apart from the meaning you give it. And most of the time, that meaning is in reality, meaningless.

You may spend a lot to time focused on the news or politics but once again, in reality none of this affects you unless you let it.

Whatever is going on in the illusion of the world, whatever injustices are happening, whatever disasters are going on, whatever wars are going on.

These are all parts of someone else’s reality and illusion, not yours.

Yours is right in front of you in this moment as you read this. You get to choose what you wish to do next.

The 3 or 4 legged dog does not worry about what is going on at the other end of the world.

And if one day, it does affect their reality, then they will deal with it in that moment but not before.

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