Creating Magic

In the world of magic, we create things in our life that we dream of but feel is impossible.

We imagine for a moment what it would be like to create this magical thing in our life but then our ego reminds us that we are not capable, we are unworthy and it simply can’t be done.

A magician is aware of these self-limiting belief systems but goes ahead and creates magic anyway.

When they say there is nothing to do but take action, it means that there are no beliefs to try and satisfy.

You don’t need to seek validation. You don’t need to believe that you are incapable.

You don’t need to believe that you are unworthy and so on.

The only action you need to take is what your intuition tells you are the next steps to take in order to create whatever it is that your heart would love to create for you in your life.

Whatever your heart truly desires will make it and you happy and joyful.

Whatever it is that fulfils your purpose here on earth. That is the type of magic we are talking about.

And that feeling, when you go after something you would love and then achieve it, is a feeling like no other.

You will be practically bewildered at how you created something that you absolutely love.

Perhaps it is a new beautiful home or a new partner that really loves and gets you.

Perhaps it is going on an immersive adventure somewhere. It could be starting a new heart lead business.

There is so much available to us in this world. We just have to dream the impossible and then go for it.

You can imagine block buster movies like Avatar. James Cameron imagined this whole story line and how it would look like as a movie.

He then went on to create two of these magical movies. This is magic in full display.

You don’t have to love the movie to appreciate the creativity involved and the huge vision at the beginning.

We all have this inside us. All these people who create magic all have to start somewhere.

They have to create a massive vision and then go after it. They have to acknowledge and ignore their self-limiting beliefs, their fears, their resistance.

That resistance will constantly come up for all of us. But being aware of it, acknowledging it and letting it go will allow us to create our end result.

It’s the battle of evermore. You don’t suddenly not have any resistance to creating a life you would love but the more you practice, the more you use your magic muscle, the better you get at it.

The more aware you become of your self-sabotaging habits, the more chance you have of changing them.

The more chance you have of letting them go and actually creating your end result again and again.

It comes down to what you put your focus in and how much ‘will’ you have to create magic.

And I promise you, it will constantly blow you away at what you create for yourself.

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