Your Superpower

This is Thanuk again. My message today is that this war is heating up quickly. Things are getting out of hand.

We need you more than ever to send out your love to the universe.

Just for a moment, imagine as you lie or sit or stand that your heart space is expanding.

And with it your heart. You tilt your head back as you feel the expansion.

You feel a powerful force of love emitting from your heart and into the whole world.

You imagine for a moment your vibration raising to its highest level. Any worries that you may have dissipate into nothingness.

Anything that occupies your thoughts and feelings simply vanishes.

Your whole and only focus is on your heart and the powerful love that it emits.

You imagine your back arching slightly and your arms spread out wide.

You imagine warm sun on your face as your heart continues to expand.

You take a deep breathe which changes your energy and your vibration to an even higher level.

You feel your superpower in all its strength and resilience. Imagine it bringing a smile to a strangers face.

They don’t understand why but they just suddenly feel happy and loved.

A little bird singing in a nearby tree. It feels your love and it knows in that moment that everything is going to be ok. It’s babies in the coming spring will be healthy and strong.

You imagine, out there somewhere, a deer suddenly raising its head as it feels this surge of your love through its body.

Its looks around, wondering about this new feeling in its body. It feels warm and comfortable.

It no longer feels the cold or the rain. It feels your strength and your love and it knows, everything is going to work out.

It’s going to bring a new foul into this world that will be healthy and strong.

You imagine, for a moment that your love is creating this forcefield around the world.

This protective barrier from evil and hate. You can see it dissolving this evil energy.

And now, you feel your whole body light up. It fills all the cells of your body with bright light.

You feel like a star in the night sky. Glowing brighter than anything you have ever witnessed before.

Your body emitting this huge bright light that just fills the space you can imagine with love and light and hope.

Hope for all creatures, human and otherwise. You imagine a tree, its roots desperately hanging on in strong winds.

Suddenly, it feels your strength and will and it grows stronger. Its root grip a little tighter.

They dig a little deeper and the tree knows, today is not the day that it will fall.

Today it feels your strength and your love and it stands a little taller and a little firmer in the soil.

Even insects scurrying about in the frantically short and busy lives. They get a burst of energy from you.

Their purpose strengthens as they forage for food and safety in order to continue on their species.

Your love and strength you emit into the universe is life giving. It is protecting your earth and everything that dwells upon it.

It raises the vibration of you and everything around you. Even that of what you can’t see or even imagine.

It dissolves evil and maliciousness and replaces it with a powerful love and hope.

And it’s all down to you using your life giving superpower.

Stay in this vibration as you got about your day and don’t be distracted or disheartened by any trivial scenarios that threaten to lower your vibration.

Remain steadfast and resolute like a gushing river. Remain loving.

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