The Leader

Once upon a time there was a large man who was the leader of a small band of warriors that lived in the cave systems of what is now known as Turkey.

This was about 3000 years ago. The men were hardened warriors and furiously defended their home against any attackers.

They were stronger and more cunning than other warriors and tribes that were seeking the protection of the caves from the elements and other dangers.

The leader was unrelenting in the defence of their home. However, one night an angel appeared to the leader.

It told him that he needed to open his heart and allow others to share in the comfort and safety of their large cave.

It told him that he would have a totally different human experience if he choose to love his enemies rather than constantly just destroy and kill them.

It told him that with more people, his tribe would flourish and thrive.

They would have more time to hunt for food and then get others to cook it.

They would not have to spend their life on edge all the time, waiting for the next attack.

They would still need to be selective and careful with who they let in and still defend it against predators.

But by opening their hearts, they would bring joy into their lives. They would have beautiful women and laughing children living with them.

They would have a reason to laugh and be happy themselves. They wouldn’t have to be so serious and ferocious all the time.

There would be more men to defend their home if necessary. They could build a whole different way of life for themselves.

At first, the strong, tall leader resisted this advice from the angel.

But slowly he began to realise the wisdom of the angels words and a few days later he spoke of his decision to his men.

At first they were outraged, consumed by fear as to what may happen.

This new path was completely unknown to them.

However, the leader told them to think on it over the next day and they too would come to realise the opportunity that was being presented to them.

Sure enough, they finally saw this could work. A few remained resistant and fearful and tried to persuade the others it was a bad idea but their efforts were pointless.

A few days later, a whole tribe of mean, women and children appeared near the entrance of the cave.

They were starving and cold and suffering. They men were scrawny and weak but they still bravely held their spears in order to protect their tribe and try and get them shelter.

To their complete surprise, the bunch of hardy, strong warriors that stood in their way, suddenly welcomed them with open arms.

They welcomed them into the cave and to sit by the warm fire. They even shared their food with them.

The women and children were thankful for the warmth and food.

They had been wondering for many weeks, trying to find a safe place and just when they thought they were all going to be killed, they were welcomed in by the ferocious warriors.

These strong men would now protect them and feed them.

They in return would look after them and make their cave into a home.

They would fill it with love and laughter.

They would create new family units and children would be born and bring more love and joy.

And so it came to pass that this was the new way of life for these warriors.

They were still warriors but now they had purpose. They were now fulfilled and they understood what it was to thrive.

That sense of purpose they had been missing all those years as they had fiercely protected their cave from allowing love and laughter into their lives.

They developed the awareness of what was true for them in their new lives.

They could serve their growing tribe with their genius and everyone benefitted. Everyone thrived and learnt they were better and stronger together.

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