The Hiding Lion

Remember that it is the unknown path that leads you to a life of joy and happiness.

It is a life that you choose to stretch your boundaries, imagination and weaknesses.

One where you go after what you would love regardless of your fear of insecurities.

Regardless of your desperate need to know how it is rather than simply following the nudges and taking the actions.

This is where true fulfilment of your life’s purpose resides. This is where you will find joy and excitement.

It is the excitement of uncovering and following that unknown path. It shall reveal more to you that is way beyond what you can even imagine right now.

Imagine yourself in this moment as a large lion, curled up in a small ball, hiding under a large rock.

You imagine that your whole world is under this rock. You can see where it starts and where it ends.

What you don’t know it what lies beyond the edge of your rock. You also don’t know how safe it is or isn’t under your rock.

You may think it is because it is known and you are comfortable under your rock, curled up.

But, you don’t know what you don’t know. Now imagine, you crawl out from under your rock, you stand up and for the first time you feel your full size.

You stretch your limbs and take a large yawn and you full your lungs as you let forth a load roar that echoes around you.

Suddenly, you cannot see what is beyond the horizon in any direction.

You can see mist hanging above trees in one direction, mountains in another and water stretching into the vast emptiness in the other direction.

There is a whole world for you to explore. There are countless different realities for you to experience.

You have a whole human experience to expand from what was your world under the rock to a completely limitless existence, beyond your imagination.

However, this is only available to you if you take those steps and crawl out from under your rock, stretch yourself out and head off into the unknown.

Seeking to find yourself, your purpose and your joy and happiness.

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