You are needed

I am Thanuk. I bring a message to you from the light warriors fighting a war on your behalf.
This war has been raging for some time but has taken a new turn only last week.
It reached that point where the rules are no longer the rules. It’s reached the point where all bets are off and now only the strongest and bravest will survive.
There is nowhere to hide from this war, apart from in your own consciousness.
You can only hide by switching off your mind and living in distraction.
If however, you choose to join us then you need to practice awareness and presence.
Awareness of what is happening in the universe. Awareness of the changes in vibration of energies.
The brightening and dimming of stars in the night sky. This war is between realms.
Between parallel universes. The consequences of this war will be far reaching.
We need your help. We cannot win this war by ourselves although we promise to fight to our end of days, we fear it shall not be enough.
All we need you to do is to sit and be still. Be present and we shall find you and talk to you and tell you what you need to do.
Do not fear, there is no reason to be afraid but there is action to take to defend your universe and your reality.
It involves energy. Using your power and love and energy to form an impenetrable barrier that the enemy cannot break through.
We implore you to help as it will save many of our lives. Fill yourself with your highest vibration of love and imagine for a moment that you project it outwards into the universe.
The more of you that do this around your earth, the more chance we have of winning this war.
You only have to do this for a few moments. You do not need to spend all day or even a whole hour.
Please go out and spread the word, we need you now, more than ever.
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