Yesterday has gone

Yesterday has gone. Whatever happened yesterday, whatever story you made up about what happened yesterday is all in the past.

The only person who can make yesterday affect today and tomorrow is you.

Only you can hang onto yesterday and give it power to affect today.

Every day is a chance and an opportunity to start afresh. We learn and we progress and evolve every day.

Unless of course we choose not to and instead be a victim about whatever happened to us yesterday. It doesn’t matter what happened.

You’re still alive reading this. Whatever happened to you as a child or a teenager or indeed yesterday itself is irrelevant unless you wish to hang on to it.

When you live in the memories of your past, be they good or bad, then you cannot live in today.

You cannot live in this moment because you are so focused on what happened to you in the past.

When you play the victim, then you seek compensation, you seek solace, retribution, revenge, validation.

You are so focused on playing out your victim that your current life, the real moment you are living in right now, disappears like a dissolving tablet in water.

And if you are not aware of it then you will not even see it dissolving into nothingness.

You won’t even have a memory of it because you were not present. You did not see it because you were too busy feeling sorry for yourself.

Conversely, he who lives in the present moment is aware of exactly what is happening right now in their reality.

They are able to understand that yesterday is complete. It cannot be changed, it can’t be altered, it can be revisited, it can’t be run again.

Whatever happened is finished. Now, it is up to you to learn the lesson and create a life you would life from this moment you have been gifted.

The worst outcome is for to suddenly wake up and realise that you spent so many years living in the past that you forgot to live in the present and now, that time has come to an end.

It is time for your journey on earth to come to an end and for you to move on.

You were gifted an amazing human experience and you squandered it.

The realisation of this alone will probably finish you off. Do not wait for things to get better.

Life will only get better if you take action to make it so. No one is coming to save you and rescue you.

You’re on your own. Only you can choose to create a life you would love to live.

Only you can create exactly what you want. You can choose to allow your resistance to have the power or you can choose your creative spirit to have the power.

Do not lose a single moment of your precious life.

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