What Are You Watching?

As we frantically run around trying to achieve all the things we believe we are supposed to in our life, we get tired.

In fact, we get exhausted trying to do everything that we know we are supposed to do and needs to be done.

We can always justify everything that needs to be done because in our head, it’s true.

The reality is that most of what we believe we have to do is actually just distraction.

If we questioned each and every thing we did, would all of it still need to be done.

If we could only choose a handful of the things we believe we need to do every day, how many of the others things could we let go and discover they are not as important as we thought they were.

Our friends at work may be talking about a new series on Netflix or Amazon that they are all watching.

They all talk about it in work and so you don’t want to be left out.

So, you spend about 8 hours of your life watching something that you probably don’t really love just to keep in with the crowd.

You just lost 8 hours of your life. What else could you be doing with this time.

What could you have created in your life with this time. A more important factor to consider what you spend your time doing, is the type of energy you are exposing yourself to.

Is the series or film, uplifting. Does it teach you anything. Does it help you grow as a person.

Or is it simply not only a distraction but filling your body with negative emotions and energy.

Is the program you are watching serving your greater good. Would the person that you want to become in the future be watching this program.

Energy is very valuable. Negative energy has a way of hanging around and infiltrating your body for a long period of time. Be careful and mindful of what you watch.

This is particularly important when it comes to TV adverts. By their very design and through extensive research and billions of dollars, adverts are essentially designed to brainwash you into buying the product or service.

These adverts subconsciously impact your brain. And even if you have no plan to buy the car or other product being advertised, it still impacts and effects your brain in a negative way.

Especially when the advert is repeated ad nauseum.

Even if you play on your phone while the adverts are on or walk around doing something else, those adverts are doing their job into your subconscious.

Try turn off the volume when the adverts come on. Do this for a week and see if you notice any change in how you feel overall.

Everything you spend your time doing is important. Even your downtime.

Watching a program that gets your worked up is not relaxing you. It is not an enjoyable experience so don’t do it.

So, be aware of what you are doing and how it affects you. Is this helping me or hindering me.

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