The Art of Creating

Understanding why you do certain things. It is important to understand that when we go after something we would love to create in our life, like writing a book, painting, doing a podcast, coaching people (as a few examples), that the energy we use doing these creative endeavours comes from your higher vibration.

What this means is that you do them for the right reason. You do not do them to validate yourself. You do not do them so that you can get rich and famous.

You do not do them so that you can get millions of followers and likes and adoring fans. These may be the byproduct of what you do, but they must not the reason for doing them in the first place.

Also, do not get distracted by these shallow, meaningless gestures from unknown people who do not truly know or understand you.

When you create from this place, from a place of satisfying your belief systems, then you add conditions to whatever it is you are trying to create.

When there are conditions then it is not coming from a pure place and it is not coming from your heart. When you take action based on what you heart would love then there are no conditions.

You can create a book. The creation is writing the book. It is not making sure you become a bestseller, get millions of adoring fans and make millions of pounds or dollars.

What happens when you add conditions is that your ego continues to add on these conditions so that you are never satisfied. For example, you create and write an amazing book.

However, you are not satisfied until you have sold 10 books. And so you sell 10 books but then, you are not satisfied until you have sold a 100 books.

And so this carries on to ensure that you are firstly never validated or you are still not good enough or you still not capable. When you create to try and satisfy these belief systems, you will never reach your end result.

There will always be additional conditions and additional belief systems to be met. Eventually, when you fail, then your ego will be happy because it means that nothing will change for you in your life and you will be safe.

Consequentially, when you simply create from the love of creating, there are no conditions and you get an instant feeling of absolute fulfilment. This is what we really love. That feeling of being fulfilled, of loving our purpose.

In this vibration or state, we content. No one can criticize us because we are coming from our genius. People can try and say mean things about our creation, but deep down we know that it is not true and secondly that it is not personal.

Any criticism is a reflection of the person doing the criticizing’s own fears that they are trying to project onto you. When there are no conditions then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

You created something purely for the love of creating, that’s all that matters. That action in itself brings you joy and fulfilment. That in itself is exciting and it feeds your higher vibration.

After all, you are operating from your highest self, from your genius. It is beautiful and perfect as it is. There is nothing else to so.

Should one of your creations suddenly make you loads of money, then that’s great. But the focus is on your end result of what you want to create.

Your focus creates your reality. The true art of creating is maintaining your end result regardless of what is going on around you. Ignore the distractions and whatever else your ego is doing to try and distract you.

Maintain your focus and go after what you would love to create in your life. Take the action that comes through for you. Otherwise, there is nothing else you need to do. The universe will take care of the rest for you.

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