Sky Beasts

Many thousands of years ago, there were a number of large civilisations around the world. Millions of people lived in each one. They had complex systems in place for water, sewage, transport, food and so on.
They were very advanced even compared to today’s standards and cities that we dwell in. They were so advanced that many people travelled to them to live and work, again, just as they do today.
There were many prosperous people in these times. They thrived and most importantly where all stronger and better off together than being alone in the wild with no protection from predators and the elements.
While these cities prospered, dark times soon came upon them. They suddenly became victims of their own success. Beasts from the sky, from other worlds came down upon them and attacked these city dwellers in great numbers.
Many thousands were killed and eaten. This was the way of these monsters. They had come to this earth to feed upon human flesh. They needed a great food source to sustain their species, just as we do today.
There was much bloodshed and fear and anger at these beast that came down and destroyed so many lives in such a horrific fashion. The populace of these cities was decimated and soon they had to abandon their advanced cities for they became more dangerous than living along in the wilderness.
When the beasts reached their full, they retreated once more back into the sky from whence they came. Leaving behind a dramatic trail of traumatic destruction.
The men had to go in search of these beasts to ensure they did not return. In fact, they knew that logically, if they had found a food source that they would one day be back again to feed once more.
They began to find ways to defend themselves from another attack from the sky. They developed large contraptions that had huge spears that would be lit on fire and then propelled skywards into the hearts of the beats that attacked. Well, to where they thought the heart would be.
They waiting in anticipation for many moons until they did indeed return with a vengeance. They were even more ferocious than before.
Many died once more but this time they could at least fight back. They did manage to kill a number of the beasts and hold them off despite their losses.
The interesting thing was that when these sky beasts were killed by the humans, their bodies were retrieved and taken back with the others into the sky.
It is for this reason that humans could firstly not learn more about them and secondly why there is no trace left of them on earth for us to find.
This cycle continued for a while, with the beasts coming back every few years to rage havoc, death and destruction upon the people on earth.
It wasn’t long before the humans had managed to build sophisticated enough weapons to defend themselves more successfully than before.
There were still many casualties but not as before. It was at this time, as they were rejoicing in the fact they were making some progress against the great sky beasts, that the earth had a monumental shift.
A large space rock hit the earth with a tremendous bang that shook the earth to its core. This changed the earth and it ended up looking as it does today.
A great darkness followed and then an ice age ensued. The world went from having many large and successful, advanced civilisations to them being completely wiped out.
When the great floods came then all trace of them was lost forever. They still lay there, hidden by 120 meters of waves and debris but with no way of finding them, they shall remain hidden perhaps for an eternity.
Mans true history will never be known for it is buried deeply. There will be much to learn and much to be aware of in the coming years.
There is a chance these sky beasts will make another return. It will be like nothing that modern man has ever encountered before.
Perhaps this time we have better technology to fight them off or perhaps their sheer numbers will overwhelm us and our species will once again be wiped off the earth. Time will tell.
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