Living in the moment

The beauty of nature is undeniable. Once you are connected to her beauty and stillness and sounds of water, birds and wind. You can appreciate the tranquility of nature compared to western life in a busy city.

The hustle and bustle of cars, people, music blaring briefly. The sounds of sirens, car horns, doors slamming, breaks squealing. The odd shout of someone trying to get their friend’s attention or shouting in indignation at some incident.

And yet, in nature, apart from a goose squawking at his mates as they contemplate leaving the lake to roost for the night. There are many other, smaller subtle sounds.

There may be a stream flowing persistently and endlessly. A seemingly endless supply of gushing water. Or you may be watching the waves on a small lake, splashing gently against the shore line.

A bird shouting as it flies overhead. You notice how the wind rustles the branches of trees and shrubs. You notice how some plants look dead and yet are very much alive and seem to stay in the same state for an eternity.

You watch a large bird of prey, playing high up in the sky. Catching the wind and floating higher. Barely moving its wings. It’s beautiful and serene and peaceful.

It’s pure joy as you can imagine it, without a care in the world at that moment in time. Its living in the moment. How often do we get to live in the moment.

Forget everything that has happened in the day and no worries about what may happen tomorrow. No past, no future, just this moment right now.

Peaceful and limitless in nature. You can imagine small insects busily wondering around. Frantic to live their short lives to the utmost. To live out their true nature. To feed and find a mate. To nurture the next generation. And then to await rebirth.

As you sit in the moment, you begin to feel yourself healing. You understand that you are being grounded back to your natural state. Back to where you ancestors came from.

You can imagine them having a similar view to yours right now but many thousands of years in the past. No farm land, just trees, perhaps a lake and probably dangerous animals lurking, looking for a meal.

You feel the ancient imaginary spear in your left hand as your eyes scan the horizon. Your ears keenly listening out for the slightest signs of a danger now long gone.

You imagine your only clothes being a lion cloth and animal skins. It’s getting late now and it’s time to go and seek the safety of your campfire.

Safety of your family and tribe as you endeavor to survive another night in the wilderness. Tomorrow will be another day and another opportunity to hunt and marvel at the beauty that surrounds you every day.

But is often unseen unless you take the time to be still and appreciate it.

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