Who is teaching us?

We live our lives based on how we think it should be. This is based on what other people like our parents and teachers have told us. The problem is, they don’t know.

So we are being taught how to live our lives by people who don’t know any better than us. This creates a cycle of life where struggle and hard work are seen as the way it is meant to be.

This is not the way. It is meant to be easy and playful and for you to have an amazing, happy, joyful and fulfilling human experience. Instead, we are taught how important exams are.

We are taught there is no failure. We are taught to be quiet and follow the pack. We are taught that as a child, we know nothing of the world we live in.

We are taught that everything is scary. We are taught more what we can’t do than what we can do. And then, when a tiny percentage of children do well, then everyone rejoices.

Those that struggle because they are far from their genius being in a school environment are dismissed and forgotten about. They will never amount to anything.

Failure suddenly becomes a real thing by which point it is too late to do anything about it. And so, the bumbling through life stage begins.

Packing shelves, working behind a bar, doing whatever it takes to make a bit of money to survive. Having some fun along the way but mostly struggling and surviving.

Never truly fulfilling our potential and never finding our purpose and genius. Never managing to serve humanity for the greater good and fulfilling our hearts desire in the process.

We fill our lives with distractions to keep us entertained. To keep us being able to truly think. To stop us thinking what if. What if there was a better way.

What if life was not about just trying to survive. Imagine a world where you loved what you did for work. You loved everyone you interacted with every day.

You had fun, you thrived. Imagine a world where you don’t need distractions because you are content following and taking action on whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

There is no judgement, no ego to self-sabotage yourself, no belief systems keeping you small and insignificant. You learn to love and be loved.

You live in a high vibration. You have no need to complain about everything around you because you rise above it. It does not concern you, it does not distract you and it does not lead you away from what your end results.

In this world, you go after what you love and you magically create your life. There is no constant suffering. There is no self-punishment and guilt.

There are no demons to contend with in your mind. There is no constant fear of the world and what may go wrong today. There is simply a strong focus on creating your reality.

Finding your purpose and your genius and taking action to living that life every day.

So do not fear the time you have lost living a life taught to you by those that don’t know. But now take responsibility and make your own life based on your heart. Based on love and your genius.

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