There is an element of desire within all of us. Not for sex but for knowledge and wealth and love and to be surrounded by beauty every day. For some, it consumes us, we spend all our time and energy going after something that is impure.

Chasing wealth and beauty are not pure desires. They do not come from the heart. You may think they do but it is lust and not love. It is infatuation but not love.

It’s great to have a lot of money and buy whatever you want but through boredom you simply keep buying more and more stuff in order to try and satisfy your desire. But it never gets satisfied and so you keep earning lots more money and keep buying lots more stuff.

Never understanding why, you can have so much money and wealth and beauty around you and yet never be fulfilled. Never be really satisfied. Never reach an end goal. Always chasing.

You spend your whole life chasing more and more because enough is never enough. People look up to you, they admire you and yet, those that do are often happier and more fulfilled than you.

They do not live in fear of losing everything they have for they do not have a lot to lose. They are loved for who they are, not for the money they have or the diamonds and toys they  give out to friends.

They know that deep down, their partner has their back no matter what happens in their life. Illness or accident. But you. You cannot tell that if you had no money, would your partner still be there or would they go find another rich person to feed their unconscious impure needs.

Two dysfunctional people in their relationship. Their needs being met on the surface for now but there is no depth, no commitment and no integrity. There is a lot of fear. Always wondering “what if”.

For the person who has the most will complain the most if they lose any of it. Your whole confidence is deep seated in your ability to provide to others. You are good enough only for as long as you are providing to those around you.

Your family and loved ones have their expectations met. When they are no longer met, then they will drift away as if they were never there. Your structure is weak. Your belief systems are being satisfied because of your wealth.

But those belief systems are waiting for any moment of weakness and then they will flood your mind with insecurities. And so, you have lots of nice stuff around you. You have lots of fun. Lots of lust.

And yet, something is missing. It nags at you every day. There is something false about your life. About everything that surrounds you. It is not real. Perhaps you will never lose your wealth.

But deep down, you know that if you did, you would lose everything around you in an instant. Its fine to be financially abundant if it is for the right reasons. You get it from doing something you love.

You feel truly loved by those around you who ask for nothing but your presence. This is the life to seek out. This is the desire that will fill your heart with love. It has structure as a result of going after what you love.

Doing what you love. The money is just a byproduct. So remember, always go after what you would love regardless of your circumstances surrounding you right now.

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