Consequences of not living in your genius

Imagine for a moment that your purpose in life is to save millions of lives. It was the single reason that you were put on this earth. To save these lives with your genius skills and passion which are currently unknown to you.

Imagine, if you never understand or get to explore what your true purpose is on this planet and you don’t fulfil your purpose or ever get to live in your genius.

Those millions of people you were meant to save, will no longer be saved. They will perish. They will perish because you lived your life in distraction, you didn’t want to step out your comfort zone.

You wanted to stay small and insignificant because you battled with belief systems that told you that you’re not good enough, you’re incapable and you’re unworthy of greatness.

And so, you believed these belief systems that formed as you grew up. You were told lies and half-truths. Not even intentionally but told to you they were.

And so, tormented by your past, you remained insignificant throughout your whole life. Never coming close to your potential. Never coming closer to living at your highest self.

And for this reason, all these millions of people that needed you to be in your genius, died. You were their savior. You were the single person that would have saved them but it never happened.

They waited, they prayed for you but you never came. Instead you lived in fear and you did not take action. You were too scared of what would happen, not if you failed but actually, if you were a resounding success.

How would you cope with fame and fortune. Would you screw it all up and be in the newspaper for the stupid things you did or for the good you did.

What if you couldn’t cope being the savior. What if you couldn’t cope with the fame and fortune. How stressful would it be to spend all that money and have adoring fans showering you with gifts and love.

And so, scared, not of failure but of success, you hid away. And imagine if, a wiseman came to you and showed you a vision of when you were about 90 years old in your future.

He told you what you were supposed to have done for the world. How you were meant to save all these people. And what if you saw how all these thoughts and feelings you had were simply not real.

That the belief systems were not true. That you had made up a whole load of nonsense about success making you a bad person.

That if only you had listened to your heart and taken action, you would have had a totally different human experience for your whole life.

How would you feel then. Now tell me, having seen yourself as an old person, about to die without fulfilling their life’s work. What will you do different today.

What will you do different every day moving forwards with this knowledge. Knowing the impact that you are supposed to have in this world if only you open your mind and your heart as to your true purpose.

What would your future self tell you to do right now.

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