The art of patience is to recognise when you are bored. For it is when you are bored that you get restless.

When you are restless then your mind wanders and your thoughts start to take control and run away with you. In recognising this when it first starts to happen will allow you to prevent your thoughts causing chaos in your head.

It will close the door on your shadow monster which is always willing to come out and play to your detriment. The key is to notice what you are doing when you become bored and then, naturally do less of that.

Your heart gets bored way before your head. When your heart is not in whatever it is that you are doing then all impetus falls away. Everything starts to fall apart unless you catch it in time then you can limit the damage.

Identify what you really love doing. When there is something that you love doing then you will notice that distractions trying to grab your attention fall away because you actually prefer to do whatever doesn’t make you bored.

Whatever your heart loves you to do. In is in these moments that you thrive and flourish and your vibration increases tenfold. When you begin to operate at this higher self then you raise above your distractions as we have spoken about before.

The more you can do what your heart desires, the less you will be tempted by meaningless distractions. Remember that your human will always find reason to enjoy the distraction and will collude with others to enjoy the distraction together.

It could be going for a drink or binge watching a tv series. The more you enjoy your distractions, the further away you are drifting from your truth and from your purpose.

This is disempowering for your heart and soul. It does not serve you and it does not serve humanity. It will lead you off course. You will amble along in your life with no direction, simply seeking distraction after distraction.

Falsely thinking that it brings you happiness. It does not. It brings you brief pleasure followed by listlessness. Aimless wondering, your purpose temporarily lost.

Boredom sets in, your mind takes over and your shadow monster comes out to play. Everything slowly slides downhill. It is only with awareness of self that we can stop this slide.

We can recognise what is going on and what we need to do to change direction. Be still in nature, you will never be bored. Seek guidance as to your next steps. Listen out for nudges as to what action to take.

This is the path to a fulfilling life that brings joy to your heart and raises your vibration. It will give you a totally different human experience.

One that you have not yet experienced. And then you will realise, why you were born and came to earth. You will understand why you are here and you can get to work fulfilling your destiny.

And you will love every day of your life that you do this. You will love every moment.

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