As you sit quietly observing your many thoughts flowing like a river through your head. Begin to slowly take control of one.

Examine it and identify if it has any truth about it or if it is simply made up and creating distraction. If it is not true for you, discard by calmly putting it into an imaginary river and watch it float away in the strong current.

Pick another thought. Start to recognise a pattern with your thoughts and how they make you feel. To stop these thoughts, simply take the power out of them, take away their energy.

Do not try and force it, just change your focus to something else, more positive. Like your internal vibration of love. Imagine your heart space expanding and filling your chest. Imagine your heart expanding beyond your body.

Imagine it exploding and showering everyone, near and far with love. Imagine in particular, people who have annoyed you through the day or the week.

Send them love. When you send them your love, you take away the power of anger and annoyance. It is by this simple action that you raise your vibration and in doing so, you raise above any problem that you are facing.

When you raise yourself above these meaningless problems. For in truth and in the grand scale of things, they will be meaningless. They disappear into insignificance.

You put all your focus onto your heart and it expanding. When you send this love to these people, your annoyance or anger disappears.

You feel better. It is within this state of high vibration that you operate at your highest self. You are unperturbed by small things.

You operate from your super power which is love and your heart. You can access your intuition and listen to what messages and advice that it has for you to move forward in your life.

It will tell you the truth of what you should be doing and what you should not be doing. Your only job is to listen and take the required action. You do not need to understand, you do not need to know why, you do not need to find reason.

Simple do what is asked and it will be done and you can move on quickly to the next action to take. You do not need to question everything for it is your ego that needs to know how everything is.

It is within the unknown that your true path lies. It is when you take the path that has not been travelled and the destination is scary and unknown where your genius lies waiting for you to scoop it up and serve the world with it.

All of this is available to you once you focus on raising your vibration to your highest self. You are instantly empowered. You are strong and capable.

You will not automatically remain in your highest vibration but have the awareness to notice when it drops and consciously raise it up again by focusing on your heart and on love. On loving everyone.


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